Student Leader Interview – Kushagra Mahajan, Hansraj College, University of Delhi

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1. Tell us more about your role and responsibilities in your society?

I am an aspiring student leader and DU is the place having ample opportunities, all thanks to the exposure and the atmosphere it provides for democracy to flourish. Since l have been bestowed with the opportunity to be a student at DU, l feel it brings with it some responsibilities as well. If in the future, l want to lead from the front, l ought to look into the problems students face on the campus. All the issues prevailing in the campus need to be brought into the light. I always ensure that l do those small things that can make a difference. I am also a member of the technical wing of the Physics Society at my college. I consider it my duty to bring out the real essence of constructive student politics and encourage students with good intent to step into this arena.

2. How challenging is it to maintain a balance between the society work and college?

Being a Physics student, l always have files to complete, regular viva and needless to mention, the internals as all the other students have. It is not a cakewalk, l must say, but at the same time, l won't say it is unmanageable. As we all work as a team, me and my seniors, who hold the designations of importance in the college, whenever they ask you to look into something or assign some task, you can't simply be a shirker. At the same time, l cannot compromise with my studies. Many times l have to revise for viva during my transit time from home to college. But in the end, the satisfaction of having managed it all is what keeps me going.

3. As a student leader, what is the one major challenge that you have overcome?

I don't think that l have got any limelight as an influencer as of now, as l just said, l am an aspiring student leader, working under the guidance of my seniors. I don't think that l am as influential as my seniors are. But having spent time with them, l have seen how influential they are and hence, l realize the baggage of responsibilities they carry. If ever l can be as influential as they are, l would make use of it in a positive way, for sure. I think, if you can influence people, if people look up to you, see a leader in you, then you must strive to bring good changes in the society, and for me particularly, the campus and the students would be the priority. I will leave no stone unturned to maintain the dignity of my University, my peers and all those who work here. I would maintain peace and harmony here so that students from different backgrounds can have the proper environment for education. I am learning and evolving, l will get to know a lot more things in the future.

4. Do you feel that the current role at your society will be one of your stepping stones towards success in life?

When my peers who are here in Delhi, away from their families, approach me with the problems they are facing, they discuss things with me, it gives me a great sense of satisfaction when l can give some solutions to them or for that matter, help them in whatever way l can. I also feel proud when my seniors appreciate me for my work. Being a first-year student myself, l believe that l represent all the first-year students, l am responsible for upholding their interests and l think l do it in a pretty satisfactory way.

5. Do you think parents’ support plays a role in deciding whether a student has an active extra-curricular life or not? What is your message to all the parents?

Yes, l strongly feel what parents can do for their children, no one can. Be it being moral support, guiding them on the correct track or reprimanding them whenever they go wrong. I, myself feel the boost of positive energy in me when l talk to my parents when l feel low.  I feel that there should be no communication barrier between parents and their children. Parents can work wonders in enhancing the potential of their children if they encourage them to try things that their children feel they are interested in. I can see the thinking of parents evolving with time. Many of my friends are into extracurriculars and their parents support them fully. I think this is a great sign, a pleasant and fresh change, l must say.

6. What's your message to encourage students to do internships and attend conferences?

The Physics department of our college recently had the National Conference on Advanced Materials and a seminar that had a guest lecture on neutrinos. Having been a part of them, l believe they are an enriching experience for every student who is interested in the subject. Talking about internships, in addition to the exposure they provide, they also give a sense of financial independence when they are paid ones. One can get an insight into the competitive world and explore one's abilities, talent, and potential. All these perks that an internship offers, are simply priceless

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