Student Leader Interview – Riya Singla, Janki Devi Memorial College, University of Delhi

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1. Tell us more about your role and responsibilities.

As a Class Representative, I act as a medium between the teachers and the students through which communication between the two becomes effective. I pass the information to students of my batch which a professor wants to convey as they can't go to the students individually. Whatever the problems and issues the students have, this is my obligation to convey those problems and issues to the professors so that certain actions could be taken. As a Class Representative, this is my duty to put my heart and soul to make our batch as one of finest amongst all.

2. How challenging is it to maintain a balance between your responsibilities and academics?

Yes, it's challenging to make a balance between my responsibilities and academics. One should understand that it's important to score good marks in academics but with that also it's important to develop yourself. By becoming the Class Representative, I took this challenge and really this interested and motivated me a lot and also helped me develop my abilities to lead, to communicate, to do multiple tasks. Therefore, it's challenging but at the same time it's worth it.

3. As a student leader, what is the one major challenge that you have overcome?

Every student wants to become a class leader and it's fair enough, so when I grabbed this opportunity , few of my batchmates opposed but at that time I know my worth and capabilities so I managed the things and resolve the issues between me and my co batchmates and I overcome those issues . It was challenging but I love challenges.

4. Do you feel that your current role will be one of your stepping stones towards success in life?

Yes, I believe that if you take participation in extra-curricular activities then that would help you to learn and develop yourself more. Even if you lose, you'll have experience and knowledge about that activity. Currently I'm leading a batch so from that I assure that I gained leadership qualities which is the biggest stepping stone of anyone's career. And in today's world leaders play an important role.

5. Do you think parents’ support plays a role in deciding whether a student has an active extra-curricular life or not? What is your message to all the parents?

Yes, I also believe that parents plays an important role in Student's extra-curricular life because if a child wants to do something new and something extra then they would've first discuss with their parents and then decide , so it's very important for the parents to support their child for doing something extra because that extra would make your child preferred over others.

6. What's your message to encourage students to do internships and attend conferences?

In today's competitive world, everyone wants to be No.1, everyone wants to be successful, everyone wants a good lifestyle, so, it's important to make yourself that capable that you can have all these perquisites. If you do more internships then this will help you gain experience which is important. Do more conferences and participate as much as you can in extra-curricular activities that come your way.

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