Top 6 Career Options Other Than Engineering and Medical Science

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If you are a class 12th student and has recently given the board exams, you must be knowing that the next question standing for you is "What Next?".

Every relative and neighbour would come to you and will say "you might have already decided what to do further", which is not wrong as most of you must have selected some of the other options. But, if you haven’t then there is no need to panic as you still have time to explore a little bit and choose the right path for yourself. 

One important thing to be kept in mind is never to take decisions in peer pressure. Almost 90% of students take medical and engineering in peer pressure. Explore yourself, see what you are made for and try to make your passion as your profession. 

Many people would come to you and tell you that the profession you are choosing has no scope, or salary is not enough but mind it; there is no profession that is scope-less. It’s just that you need to be the best to be known as the star amongst the 100. This blog aims to provide you some career options you can explore after 12th. 

1. Digital Marketing 

Nowadays there is a huge rise in the growth of the start-ups due to which marketing is an essential thing to do. Traditional marketing takes a lot of time to create awareness that is why people are transitioning from traditional to digital marketing. 

Digital marketing is time-saving and can create a lot of difference in money also. Work in digital marketing includes website design, social media marketing, digital advertisements, and keeping a good command on SEO (search engine optimization). 

2. Event Management 

Events, festivals, occasions are an integral part of human life. We simply cannot avoid them or stay away. Birthdays, weddings, social gatherings, formal occasions, office meetings all this need to be managed properly. Hence a course like an event management can never go off style. 

If you think you are creative enough to stand out and your thoughts are appropriate enough to handle an event then you must opt for this field. Event management includes production management, brand development, promotion and marketing, public relations, etc. 

A very important aspect of event management is communication skills because in this filed you will be meeting various kind of people so you need to know how to communicate so as to get that event. 

3. Travel and Tourism

You think you are adventurous and want to explore the world? Then make it a profession dear. This profession is all about traveling to various places and connecting with people via your skills. 

This profession needs freedom of traveling and being extrovert. There are many degrees for the same which you can explore. This field includes both government and private jobs such as travel agencies, tourism departments, airlines, tour operators, etc. 

4. Graphic Designing 

If you are creative and know how to use your creativity to enhance a company’s profile then you can opt for this field. Nowadays everything you see around you is graphic, that is the reason every company searches for new and creative graphic designers. 

Comparatively to any other field, this field has more opportunities for freshers. 
Courses and degrees are available for sharpening your skills well. 

5. Aviation 

The aviation field is something you can opt after any stream. There is no need
for a particular stream in 12th. You can pursue aviation as a profession if
you love flying. There are many taboos in our society related to airlines but,
trust me it is one of the highest-paid jobs. 

You get to fly to a new place, take a few days rests and then fly again. Aviation
field not only consists of pilots and air hostess but also airline staff, engineers
and airline managers. There is ‘n’ number of sub-fields in the aviation industry
that you can explore. 

6. Mass Communication 

Last but not least mass communication is a field for those who think they have command over speaking and writing. Mass communication has a lot of options, you can be a writer, photographer, graphic designer, anchor, radio jockey, HR, public relations officer, etc.

This field particularly requires general awareness and eagerness to know what’s happening around you. You must be very active in order to pursue mass communication. It requires a lot of hard work and no boundary to endless working hours.

So, these were the top 6 career options other than medical and engineering which will definitely pay you high and are interesting.

Just to remind you once again, "Follow your passion instead of crumbling to societal pressure”. Thank You!

Written By: Amrita Mansharamani
Edited By: Harshit Agarwal       

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