Role of Air India in the Fight Against Covid -19

It is said that heroes are the people who rise to the occasion, in the moments most needed in. With the entire nation under a much necessitated lockdown, we have never been in a bigger delirium. The frenzy and havoc observed has made us all lock with fear. At a time like this, situation in India has been curtailed to a great extent with the help of none other than Air India, the often much spoken about aviation company of India. 

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It is no secret that Air India has witnessed some of its worst times in the past couple of years, and they have been suffering from a financial crunch. In fact, the bid for the sale of the company was right around the corner.
The effect of the pandemic too has had an extremely heavy impact on the aviation sector. Yet, the bravery and courage displayed by the crew and people associated with the company has flamed a spark of patriotism and pride among many Indians. The Air India has assured full support to the government and has kept its word so far. 

The Wuhan Rescue:
This was one of the first rescue operations conducted by the team of Air India in late January, and they were met with a stranded and eerie atmosphere on their touchdown in the epicenter of the virus as they commenced the rescue of first batch of 640 Indians. 
Indian citizens were also rescued from Japan, Italy and Iran. Essential armoury and cargo, medical equipment’s, medicines, coronavirus testing kits, food and other necessary commodities were also transported at places required.
Moreover, 18 rescue flights were scheduled for the Lifeline Udan operation by Air India, a movement initiated by the national carrier of India which has helped countrymen, neighbour’s and far away friends in such times.

Cargo Flights:
Special flights were operated for cargo transport of vital medicinal needs between Delhi and Shanghai. Proper protocol was followed at these times. 
"Air India is also scheduled to operate some more cargo flights between Delhi and Shanghai till 9th April. These flights will bring critical medical equipment to India." read a statement released by Air India. 
The airline will also be operating cargo flights to Hong Kong. Apart from these, medical equipment’s have been delivered far and wide across the nation. From the North East to the other ends, services of Air India have catered many in need along with the government.

Repatriation of Foreigners
Citizens of Canada stranded in India were flown to London. The journey forward to Canada was looked after by the President of Canada. A contract was signed between the Canadian government and the Carrier of India. Apart from Canada, it has also signed contracts with the Germany, France and Ireland with regards to repatriation of citizens of these countries back to their homeland.
Citizens of Germany, Frankfurt, Tel aviv were all successfully deported back to their nations. 
Infact, 270 stranded Israelis were deported back to their nation. The captain on the flight was granted a direct track of 1000 NM  on this route by Israeli ATC, as a gesture of gratitude. It is a privilege less enjoyed by carriers. Even the Pakistani ATC congratulated Air India on their goodwill during the pandemic times. Not only this, the Air India has also been applauded by the Prime Minister of India time and again during this unprecedented situation.

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Deficit Financing:
"The crippling effect of the pandemic, especially in the aviation sector, has further plummeted our finances to a precarious position. In spite of this, your airline has left no stone unturned to continue to remain afloat," said Rajiv Bansal, MD of Air India.
Although measures have been undertaken, the aviation may take a while to compensate the losses it is suffering. The allowances offered to the crew have been reduced, entertainment allowances cut down, and a 10% salary cut of for all employees, except cabin crew has been announced for the next three months until the situation has been overcome. 

We are thankful to Air India for coming out at on the field and augmenting aid at times of need, while risking their own lives. Once again, you have made the country proud. Jai Hind. 

Written by - Bushra Makhdoomi
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