5 Reasons to Become an Avid Reader

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I may give a thousand reasons but why would you believe me. Let's listen to what the most reliable source, research analytics, has to say –According to a study conducted at Emory University, reading heightens brain connectivity. The connections of the left temporal cortex, the area associated with language reception were excited while reading. The highlighted activity continues several days afterward. It also heightens the central sulcus or the region responsible for the primary sensory-motor activity. When reading, the neurons in this area are electrically excited leading to building white matter which rewires the brain and creates positive changes which in turn enhances communication skills.

Reading in the 21st century is believed to be one of the most fruitful and nurturing hobbies. It quenches your thirst for knowledge and the more you read the more you realize the thirst is insatiable.

Reasons to read:

1. Taller, Stronger, Sharper (but psychologically) 

It is one hobby in which you can never go wrong. There is nothing called a good book or a bad book,  it always comes down to your comprehension of it, every book has something to say, plus you walk out with a lot of information. Your intellect gets doubled, you become more relaxed as reading is scientifically proven to reduce your heart rate releasing endorphins the happy hormone. It increases your attention span dramatically and instant memory retention.

2. Live as many lives as you want

It is said that a cat has 9 lives but guess what? You have infinite. Yes, you read it right. You can live as many lives as you want with whatever traits, gender, race, and the list goes on. And the most exhilarating part of it is that you just don't read it you get to live it as though you are the protagonist. Reading books makes us wiser. Imagine you get to experience a stranger’s life story and relive them in their era just like them. They warn you about their mistakes and share their regrets about life just so you can avoid them. I don't know about you but to me that's invaluable. They teach us immortal life lessons learned the bitter way.

3. Escapism

However unreal it may sound but to me, books are a part of living in someone else's body and escaping reality. It's like virtual reality in the mind but more powerful. Trips to galaxies take less than a second, without oxygen mask at that, and I'm pretty sure it's cost-effective. It walks us through time itself.

4. Builds your vocabulary and helps understand cognitive behavior.

Apart from the several biological gains, it also adds to your vocabulary so that you can ace that English exam or give presentations that inspire. Reading out loud is also said to cure stammering in certain cases.

A little bit of knowledge about human cognitive behavior goes a long way. Just with a little knowledge and understanding of the human brain, you can use it towards shaping your right decision-making process. Control our habits. Make us more focused, more inspiring, and, more productive. It also prevents procrastination.

5. One single book can change your entire life

Books are extremely powerful things. They hold the power to change your entire life's perspective. One book can change your entire life. They can alter your mood make you sad, happy, inspired. Once you find the one book for you there's no holding back anymore, it bens your life for the good.

Just imagine maybe you were just one step away from living your dream life but you missed it because you were too lazy to pick up that book and instead you picked up your phone. It's better to try than to regret at your death bed. Life is too short so take no chances.

Overall I would say it is an addiction worth taking up, the only that benefits you in all aspects. Happy Reading, I hope you found your calling.

Written by - Suchismita

Edited by - Bushra Makhdoomi
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