5 Ways to Stay Productive While Working Remotely

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Sitting at home, enjoying quarantine, working at home with flexible timings. Isn’t it dream-like? But still worried about how to be productive while working remotely to keep impressing your boss. No need to worry.Below are some tips by which you be productive while working remotely from the comfort of your own home-

Set up a workplace

What if you can’t go to office? we can always make it feel like there's one at your home. Choose a place near a peaceful spot at your home with a table and chair near a window and set your workplace there with your laptop, notes, small plants and the things that motivate you to work efficiently. Just remember that place should be just your office place for few months and there is no disturbance. Wake up in the morning complete your office get-ready rituals head to that place and in evening just shut down your laptop and move away.

Take breaks in intervals

Don’t just keep sitting at your place till continuous 8 hours. Give your eyes rest and take small interval breaks in between which will make your work more productive by the end of the day. Take proper lunch break of about half an hour.

Give yourself some time

Don’t stress yourself by all the work so that you forget to give yourself time.
  • For more productivity give yourself some time by doing yoga, exercise and meditation
  • Follow a routine with proper sleep schedule
  • Take morning shower and wear comfortable clothes

Be in touch with others

Its possible to become self-centered while being alone at home. That can make you feel depressed we humans are after all social animals.
  • Talk to your colleagues every day
  • Send daily report to your boss about the work completed and pending work.
  • Do meeting with team about the strategies to be more productive
  • Spend time with your family
  • Facetime your friends
  • Stay in touch

Minimize usage of social media

Minimize the usage of social media while doing work as it can lead to less productivity in work due to distractions. Use software apps that allow self-control to keep yourself away from WhatsApp, Facebook etc. during working hours.

It's not as tough as it seems.Rather it’s an interesting, flexible and comfortable to work from home. 

Written by - Anushree Jain
Edited by - Suchismita Sinha

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