7 Effective Ways To Do Online Branding

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In this Information Age, the world is moving faster than ever. And in the mayhem of apps, viral videos, trending topics, algorithm updates, memes, and so on… it is easy to forget the one thing that stays constant through all of it – the brand! 

Thus, it becomes imperative to ensure that your online branding is happening the right way, so that you are able to stand out and get the competitive edge necessary to gain the market share.  Here are 7 ways which you can employ to market your brand effectively in this dynamic business environment -

1. Use of Social Media

Social Media is one powerful medium where you can start telling your brand story to your target audience. Instagram, Twitter & Facebook are prominent social mediums for strengthening your online presence (no surprise here).

The strategy should be first to grow the brand organically and then, after thorough analysis, go ahead with a carefully planned paid form of advertisements. 

2. Video Marketing

One of the most growing marketing media in the space of B2B marketing, an average of 510 marketing videos are being created by organizations in the form of webinars, video tutorials & campaigns yearly. While different kinds of video marketing can be undertaken-  webinars, tutorial, and demo videos should be preferred.

3. Official Website

It is a must thing that needs to be done right from the start. Not only does it gives your brand a unique identity in the online space, but it also gives you an official address where everything about your brand can be searched about. The website should be backed by a strong host and domain name for search engine algorithms to pick your online address effectively.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Just creating a website will not translate to any productive gains; using the right keywords to let Google algorithms know about your website and domain is critical for your success and brand identity. Keywords planning lies at the heart of SEOs and to have suitable keywords, free tools like Ubersuggest can be used.

5. Use of Influencers

Since the past few years, influential marketing has become a very popular means of communicating your brand offerings to the target audience. People these days resonate with famous personalities, and their existing trust factor and popularity can be leveraged to convey favorable brand narratives.

One of the unique features of this type of marketing is that it makes people emotionally connected to the brand, which leads to longer-lasting customer relationships and stronger brand loyalty.

6. E-mail Marketing

Sending personalized e-mails to your target audience is a cost-effective way to convert new or pre-qualified leads. Besides, it is essential that you have a regular connection with your users, and they get a customized message on any new offer/service being put out by you. 

For doing that, you need to have separate e-mail marketing services that make sure your constant mode of communication is secured, and the relationship is maintained. Mailchimp is the leading software that is used for bulk mailing process.

7. Linkedin Marketing

Though it may sound strictly professional, you need to tap the audience who are active on the LinkedIn platform. Building a community that includes people at corporate positions can boost your market reach potentially.

To smoothen the marketing process here, LinkedIn has a separate service called LinkedIn Sales navigator, so that you can plan your whole marketing timeline.

Written By - Harshit Sharma

Edited By - Garima Singh

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