The State of Journalism in India

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Journalism in India is one of the most reputable professions in the recent years and my personal favourite. Journalism involves variety of work from editing, copywriting, interviewing or speaking on television.
Many prominentn journalists, who through their hardwork, have made a name for themselves in the Indian journalism sector are PP Prashun Bajpayee, Ravish Kumar, Arnab Goswami. Journalists not only write stuff about the Indian scenario they form a picture through their writing in our minds which is much more than just reading something and understanding it but to feel it while reading it is one of the abilities that journalists possess that makes the reader stick to the content.
Journalism dates way back to the 19th Century when the first newspaper was published by James Hickey named Hickey’s Bengal Gazette and since then many articles and editorials in the newspapers started publishing by prominent writers and freedom fighters such as Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Lala Lajpat Rai.
A lot of freedom struggle was also made easy and possible through the work of brave journalists during that time when vernacular newspapers were banned by the British on the pretext that it may help in lowering the awareness among the people about hteir countries situation since a scale of Indian citizens could not read English since it being a completely foreign language at that time unlike now. Hence inciting revolution and rebellion against the government be very difficult.
As of now, journalism has transformed in various ways and also in the modes of communication. It has transformed from just newspapers to electronic news and also from doordarshan to many private news channels journaling and dictating various aspects of country’s current state in terms of regional news, cultural, entertainment and political.
The journaling capabilities of a person are not only limited to the orthodox newspaper and article writing but now also many companies hire interns and bloggers to write content for their website and promote their company through their journaling skills.
Also an editor’s work in journalism is one of the most crucial tasks that a person can perform since they have to proofread the original content again and again with fresh set of eyes so that no loose ends are left in the journal and the article becomes flawless and appealing to the reader.
Nowadays vlogging has also become one of the journaling ways or a way independent journalists do their work and spread their content across globe to millions of viewers on the social media platforms such as youtube and instagram.
The originality in the content of media houses which support independent journalism on various topics such as wildlife, human rights, politics, music and entertainment such as BBC, Vayner Media, Scoopwhoop Unscripted who do a lot of interviews with the local people and compile their thoughts on various social and sensitive topics that are most of the times are left untouched.
This is the whole point of journalism, since it gives the freedom of assessing problems and talking and addressing about it to the local people, by having their active involvement into the topic and understanding the transforming mentality of people. Content creation and sticking to the topic is important for a journalist hence a lot of work is done in researching and getting authentic news everyday to the common people.

Written by - Max Croson
Edited by - Arnav Mehra

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