YouTube vs TikTok: What’s Going On?

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Amidst the lockdown, it's amazing how the millennials are going crazy over the two social media platforms, where apparently they spend most of their time just analyzing which one is better than the other and how!

So, this is the trending YouTube Vs TikTok controversy!

Let me brief you what this is all about, real quick!

The digital content creators have always had their creative differences. They have been vocal about it as well but this time, this got really hyped because of the involvement of popular creators followed by widespread hate all over the social media.

Now, there are these roasting communities on YouTube that entertain people by making fun of others, and they honestly spare NONE! A YouTuber uploaded a roast of some famous TikTokers and the response from the audience was great. As the video gained popularity, in no time a very famous TikToker, expressed his anger over the same by attempting to roast the YouTubers in return.

You may think that how can a video or a reaction to the same can become such a hype… then let me tell you that the TikToker did not only target the roasting community but he took it to a whole new level by escalating it to the point where he started to compare both the platforms on the basis of content that they make, the sponsors, the audience, and what not!

Gradually, the spark turned into a fire and a lot of YouTubers retaliated in their own ways on this topic. The TikToker got roasted for every single sentence he said!

Now, this matter got the most attention when creators like Carryminati (Ajey Nagar), who is considered as the King of the Indian roasting community, uploaded a video on this YouTube Vs TikTok drama, on YouTube. Since the TikTok guy tagged him in the response video, he obviously triggered and invited a reaction from him.

Ajey Nagar’s video got a shocking response and his video was about to become the most viewed and liked video of an individual creator ever, which was apparently the highest level of achievement any content creator on a digital platform can ever wish for! And definitely, it would have been a proud moment for India as well if our Indian creator would have broken the records.

But, the video was taken down from YouTube due to a high number of people reporting it for hurting community sentiments. Yes! If you are wondering where this community sentiment came into the picture, let me tell you…

A lot of viewers were not okay with Carryminati addressing the Tiktoker as a “ladki” (girl), as they say, it portrays the girls as a weaker gender and the fact that it was used to insult someone, it does not give a good message to the society. Apart from this, a lot of his statements were misinterpreted and the LGBTQ community raised concerns over a few of his statements as well. Altogether, the things didn’t go well and resulted in the deletion of his video from YouTube.

The video was just one day away from becoming the most liked video of an individual creator when it got taken down and it left the 16 million (now 18.6 million) fans of Carryminati, in shock. It fueled more anger in them and there was hate all over the internet for the TikTok Creators. Hashtags like #JusticeforCarryminati and #BanTikTok was trending on twitter and on every other social media platform. A lot of famous YouTubers came in support of Carryminati too. The fact that the rating of the TikTok app has come down to 1.3 from 4.5 reflects the kind of response of the masses on this whole controversy.

Though Carryminati’s video has lost a chance to become the most liked content on YouTube, he has now become the top YouTuber in India today, with around 18.6 million subscribers. There are a lot of things to worry about in this whole controversy, which is quite disturbing.

This controversy shows how much influence the digital creators have on the millennials. They hold a position of responsibility and they should make the best out of the position they hold by spreading positivity and by inspiring them to achieve big in their lives! Also, roasting videos are definitely fun to watch, but there is a very thin line of it being a joke and it being offensive. Addressing someone as a girl, by the intent of insulting them, is not funny! Spreading hate on the internet, cyberbullying, and questioning hard work and talent of each other, is not fine!

I’d just like to say, that you never know the battles of the person you are commenting on, online. It’s easy to pass a rude comment but you can never even imagine the extent to which it can hurt the other person, so taste your words before spitting it out. Also, remember a single negative comment of yours can take a toll on that person’s mental state. So, make sure to help people fight their insecurities to come out of it rather than feeding it.

Written By - N. Nargis Fathima

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