4 Ways DevOps Is Helping Its Companies While Working From Home

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The deadly virus as we all know has taken down the world drastically. People have started to provide panicked responses to everything. There are still people around who believe that Corona virus 2019 (COVID-19) is just like the normal flu, however, without a vaccine. These people still believe that COVID-19 will be eliminated entirely soon. 

Unquestionably, the surprising situation we are in currently showcases some different results. However, a situation like this also helps a globally connected environment like ours today.  

The question still arises if DevOps is helping IT companies during a crisis like this. But before that, we first need to understand what exactly DevOps is? DevOps is a software which helps IT companies to work remotely from their home. Undoubtedly, DevOps provides a perfect way to work from home. 

Suddenly due to the current crisis, most IT companies and business models have shifted to making their employees work from home.


1. DevOps Focuses on Automating the Manual Operations

Many organizations are dealing with several challenges as they are not able to deploy and amend any possible changes quickly and easily. Chronic pain is also one of the most challenging things which we become used to. Certainly, DevOps software is helping IT companies by putting their people, process, and technology to work in order to eliminate all possible manual processes. 

The need for executives to be seated at their places for hours and hours has been completely eliminated with the help of DevOps software which enables to work remotely from our home. DevOps is helping IT companies to deliver functional software time changes related to it remotely and securely. Almost every company has shifted to such software due to the current crisis. 

Due to the uncertain situation of software requirements, IT companies have already started adapting to work from home mode. New trends of automation, reducing manual operations, reducing costs in order to focus on growing the business have been possible with the use of DevOps and Cloud. 

Surely, the coordination between teams has been possible more fluently securely and smoothly with the help of this software. In a few months, there might be a possibility that DevOps for IT companies can most definitely be one of the best cloud communicating technologies software to have proper coordination while working from home.

2. DevOps Helps to Coordinate Efficiently With an Aim of Growing Business

One of the most important components while adapting to DevOps software methodology is effectively and efficiently coordinating the cross-team communications. Here, we are not talking about communication just from a room to another room. 

We are talking about efficient communication to a room where the software is being developed, to another floor, to a room in a different building, to a room in a different campus, honestly communicating to every room across the world involved within the process. 

However, by the default rule of DevOps methodology, it wouldn’t care even if you are working from your office,  undoubtedly, the implementations of this software will be irrespective of your location.

3. DevOps Has Automated Inherent Testing for Every Element of Software Development and Deployment

DevOps for remote teams has proven to be a productive software suiting its needs. Certainly, DevOps has automated inherited testing for every element of software deployment and development. In addition to this, DevOps during COVID-19 is definitely helping to deal with the current situation with its capability of inherent testing. 

The utilization of such software for development and deployment mechanisms will be automated. Eventually, you will also have automated testing. The flow control mechanism will be driven by the source control in order to drive all these factors. Evidently, increasing the number of errors while dispersal of your work. However, DevOps will be ruling out such errors and catching them as quickly as possible. 

The most basic concept of DevOps is to capture any possible failure in the early stages itself. Besides this, to catch such errors as and when they are happening or introduced. Possible errors such as missing drivers on a home system, strengthening the system to reduce the difference in delivery time, or any other sudden situation or occurrence introduced by suddenly making people work from home are dealt quickly, as well as automatically by the software itself.

4. DevOps Has the Speed Which the Business Needs

Fourthly, increasing the speed of your development and deployment mechanism is what DevOps makes sure of. With the help of increased speed, you can easily implement the necessary and required data changes. As well as the codes in accordance with the speed you need. 

DevOps during COVID-19 has definitely helped a lot of business and IT companies in running their software mechanism. As well as coordinating them with the speed which the business needs today. Surely, COVID-19 has made a huge amount of changes. Irrespective of which, these changes would be implemented at least for the next few years. 

Deployment of multiple tasks and processes with the help of DevOps has been made very quickly. For example, if you need to post any health-related issues to your HR department. As well as you might need to communicate modifications related to your customers. All these can be done quickly, even multiple times in a week, or in a day, by adapting to DevOps methodology. 

Preparedness for a speedy shift can become an example wherein DevOps provides them a platform to deploy multiple processes and tasks in a week, in a day, or even in an hour. Certainly, from the comfort of their homes. 

Finally, the question, is DevOps helping IT companies while working from home? Definitely it is. Moreover, DevOps does deliver during a crisis like this. A current crisis like this has not left any possible easy way for businesses to shift their working methodology. 

However, a software of such kind can by all odds help a particular organization in making the process automated, team-focused, process focused. DevOps especially are integrating the skills and features with the help of new approaches as they did earlier.

Written by - Nishad Kinhikar

Edited by - Daity Talukdar

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