6 Best Courses To Upskill Yourself This Lockdown

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Have you been wondering what to do this lockdown?

Did you want to do something or the other, but did not know what to?

Are you worried about not being productive or upskilling yourself?

Then here are the 6 best courses to help you upskill this lockdown.

1) TCS iON

2) Coursera

3) Udemy

4) UpGrad

5) HubSpot Academy

6) Google Courses

Amidst the lockdown, various organizations are providing their courses for free. This could be the best time to grab some of them and get yourself industry-ready.

1. TCS iON: Career Edge - Knockdown The Lockdown

TCS has always been providing its courses to students at minimal or zero costs. Amidst the lockdown, TCS iON has launched ‘Career Edge – Knockdown The Lockdown’ course on Interpersonal and Soft Skills required in every corporate organization.

This is a 15-Day course with a great collection of skills, from Communication essentials to gaining foundational skills in IT.

2. Coursera 

Coursera is well known among students for bringing courses from international universities through video lectures and assignments to help them gain the skills taught in great universities of the globe.

This lockdown, Coursera is providing free courses to students to help them upskill and gain worldly knowledge of essential concepts.

The duration of the courses ranges from weeks to months.

3. Udemy 

Udemy has been popular since its inception, for the ease it provides for people to publish their courses and for students to learn from them.

Udemy has always had free courses and amidst this lockdown, Udemy has also increased its catalog of free courses to make it available to every student.

Udemy also provides great courses at minimal prices. You can opt for one if you want. They also have sale prices every week for you to buy at discounted rates.

4. UpGrad 

UpGrad has grown to great heights in the past few years and is now tying up with foreign organizations too, to provide great quality content.

There are tons of free courses provided by UpGrad during this lockdown in almost every domain such as Management, IT, LifeSciences, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, AI, and many more.

You can choose one and learn for free.

5. HubSpot Academy 

HubSpot Academy, maybe not very popularly known to you, but this is one such course platform that gives you industry-ready knowledge along with strategies that you could directly apply on.

HubSpot has great courses in domains like Marketing, Social Media, Entrepreneurship, Content, IT, Writing skills, and many others to explore.

It adds great value to your career and also gives you immense knowledge.

6. Google Courses

Google, as always is providing free courses also during this lockdown.

As it goes without saying how much value it adds to your skills and CV, Google is providing amazing real-time courses this lockdown.

Go to Google Learning and explore to the fullest.

Choose your interest and gain skills from the course.

All the above courses are provided to you along with a course completion certificate, so you can brag about your skills to your recruiters and also acquaintances.

The course completion certificates are in themselves a proof of your upskilling.

You become industry ready with real-time knowledge about the working of things in an organization.

Why wait? Go on and explore the world of opportunities that are waiting for you, right from the comfort of your home.

Written By – Aditya Neelakantam

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