Airline Commander Gives a Real Android Flight Experience

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Let us today start to explore some of the best in-home flight games. Games are something that help us in killing time. One of the best games that we are about discuss today is Airline Commander – A real flight experience.

This game is the most popular among all the flying aspirants. As the name suggests, it provides you with a real flight experience on your android/IOS devices. The application provides tons of airlines including the giant commercial aircraft of the sky helping you to build up your collection. 

As and when you start completing the missions you get the opportunity to unlock tons of famous airports in the world. The aircraft and all the runways give you a realistic experience. This game is well equipped to handle real-world situations in real-time traffic such as air turbulence, machine failures, and sensor failures, giving the player to enjoy the game at the most.

Simplified data and flight systems make it easy for the player to easily cope up in failed situations. This game comes with optional in-app purchases for various aircraft and airports in advance. 

Why Is Airline Commander Preferred?

Unquestionably, lots and lots of airline simulators are available online. It often happens that before playing a simulator a few questions always arise in our minds. 

  1. How legit is the simulator?
  2. How unique it is from other simulators?
  3. What are the graphics standard offered by it?
  4. Do we need to pay some amount to access its complete features? And many more questions like these. 

Genuinely everyone before playing a Simulator for an Android device has these questions. Therefore to clarify it all, I have made certain specifications according to me which I found unique in this particular flight simulator. 

A few specifications which I found to be interesting as compared to other Android flight simulators are -   

  1. Receiving instructions from the air traffic controller at each and every step.
  2. As per the real-world scenario, you can take off and land the aircraft with the use of ILS too.
  3. Several kinds of display to give the real feel to you.
  4. Comes with all advanced features available in today’s flight such as fire suppression, fuel management, and all fuel related missions. 
  5. The next thing which is the most essential in all flights would be the autopilot feature, and this simulator comes with various challenging missions to explore the autopilot.
  6. Various failures such as flaps, rudder, air brakes, radar, hydraulic faults, tire problems, fire on board, wind, turbulence, fog, lightning, rain, thunderstorm, snowfall and turbulent frost give and teaches the player about the real-world situations and scenarios.
  7. Real-world aircraft including some of the most famous airports in the world such as London, Singapore, Korea, Mumbai, etc.
Given below is a brief informative index of Airline Commander - A real fight experience -

Developer: Rortos 

Game size: 611 MB 

Released on: July 26, 2018 

Latest update: February 21, 2020 

Average rating: 4.1 / 5

Written by - Nishad Kinhikar

Edited by - Daity Talukdar
Airline Commander Gives a Real Android Flight Experience Airline Commander Gives a Real Android Flight Experience Reviewed by Daity Talukdar on June 30, 2020 Rating: 5

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