"Be More Consistent on Social Media" - Deepika Uppal

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1. Tell me about you and your journey.

My name is Deepika Uppal and I am 25. I am the owner of Makeup cafe by Deepika.. I started working just after my schooling. I studied fashion designing in +1, +2 in Chandigarh and after that I moved to Delhi so I wanted to pursue my further studies in that career only but in Delhi, all seats were already taken in colleges so I had to take 1 year gap so, in mean time I started full beauty to makeup course because this line always attracted me.

After that I started my first job at unisex salon as a beautician but I was not satisfied with this then I worked 3-4 years as a beautician and makeup artist both then I joined makeovers by maven as an assistant then I learned more things about makeups and about this industry after 2 years I left my job because I really want to do something my own so I started freelancing and after that I opened my own studio in 2018.


2. Why did you chose this career?

First it was my dad idea so I wanted to give it a try and to my surprise I enjoyed my work even more than fashion designing and my makeup is my passion I want to improve day by day


3. How can one build a clientele as a makeup artist?

First of all you have to be best you can be and then

Plan some shoots for your profile show different kinds of looks and the most important u have to open up with clients about what kind of products we are using and make sure they choose the best for their main day..

Be more consistent on social media and to know about client's skin and then suggest genuine products which will suit their skin best..I always suggest someone as if I have their skin type, I want to give best and make my clients for life time, and I want them to remember me.


4. What are some of your top makeup tips?

  1. Skin preparation is most important in makeup, so use genuine and good quality products for skin prepare.

  2. Always use same skin tone foundation.. Nowadays nobody's want to look fairer than their skin tone

  3. Enhance their features perfectly.

  4. Don’t apply too much foundation as it looks cake.

  5. Tight line your eyes with nude, black and white to change your eyes shape.

  6. Always play with color but not dramatically..


5. What kind of job opportunities one can get after becoming a make-up artist?

  1. Free lancing

  2. Runway makeup artist

  3. Salon makeup artist

  4. Beauty blogger

  5. Makeup brand sales representative


6. Which professional courses would you suggest for aspiring artists?

  1. Basic to Advance professional makeup and hair-styling course

  2. Then u need more and more practice

  3. Then apply somewhere for job for more experience...


7. Your favorite book and why?

My favorite book is how to win friends and influence people by dale Carnegie because I learnt so many valuable lessons from it and even applied in my life, I learnt it is important to listen to others and think what they want and then provide them in which we both get satisfied with it...

Interviewed By - Kirti Wadhwani

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