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1. Tell us about your background and journey.

Anshika and Tejas, we are classmates pursuing B.Tech in Food technology, both of us are from Rajasthan but currently living in Delhi for our studies. Anshika is a big-time foodie and has always loved capturing what she eats whereas Tejas has a great comic sense which makes us "FOODCOMICS" .

2. When did you first decide that you wanted to create content and how did you start?

One day while in the college canteen, this idea of food blogging popped up our mind. Anshika has been following a lot of Food bloggers since the very beginning and Tejas had his own company's Page on Instagram so he knew stuff about it. So we decided why not? Let's give it try, and it's been more than a year(Feb'19) we've been doing this and we love it!

3. Is vlogging and Instagram content creation a financially sustainable career?

To begin with, we didn't have very fancy content of high-end cafes and restaurants just the normal food outlets we used to go to with our friends and covering street foods on the way, so for us yes it's financially stable because what matter is a sense of capturing and not exactly how the food looks like.

4. Who is your favorite creator and why?

Being such a food enthusiast, Anshika has been following one of the best blogger "Zingyzest" since years from her personal account, so definitely she's our biggest inspiration because she started blogging at the age of 19 just as we did, and she's been consistent throughout and proved that one can take up their passion as their profession if you work hard for it.

5. How and where do you find inspiration to churn out content? 

There are many creative bloggers we know and follow, which inspires us every day. We keep learning and experimenting with things to get the best outcomes. So there isn't any specific inspiration but a combination of many!

6. What does your typical day look like?

Our day starts with attending college lectures and as soon as we get some time in between lectures as free period, we go out to create content, our usual day is tiring and hectic but because we love what we do , it's all worth it.

7. Which is your favorite book and why?

Both of us love ' The Alchemist ' by Paolo Coelho as that book lets you see the world in a different way and gives you a lot of optimism and teaches us to work hard for your goals.

8. What piece of advice would you like to give to future and aspiring creators?

Consistency is the key, there are days when you don't get much appreciation but being consistent makes it all fine.
Creativity and adding your own touch to your pictures give you uniqueness.
Lastly, How to take the pictures and how you edit them is most important, once you get command in that, there's no looking back.

- Anshika and Tejas, Bloggers at Foodcomics

- Interviewed by Shilpy Sharan
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