"Every Day Is Another Chance to Get Stronger" - Shalini Awatramani

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1. Tell us more about yourself and your profession?

Hello, myself Shalini Awatramani, founder and owner of fitness challenge weight loss studio.

I am a certified group exercise fitness coach as well as a diet and Nutrition coach.

I used to be a very shy and introvert kind of person and had never thought of coming into fitness field.

I was into education field and used to run English conversation classes in Mumbai.

Then suddenly I started facing some health issues like low B.P. ,at the age of 27 ( even got admitted in hospital for few days ) It remained constantly low for months ,which made everyone at home worried .I had to stop my classes too .

One such morning I read health benefits of zumba and yoga in newspaper and decided to try it. (never knew that it would be a turning point of my life)

I joined one fitness center near my place and in two months only started seeing benefits in my health.

I used to love dancing since childhood .Meanwhile I did few courses in fitness and yoga.

We got shifted to Aurangabad as my hubby got transferred here .I had been to many gyms trying to find my kind of workouts but couldn't find one.

So decided to open my own fitness classes. (Faced some hardships like convincing all, space, routine works and other things but the goal was set in my mind)

I started in a small room with 6 ladies in a batch .I did two more courses in fitness and two in diet and Nutrition. People started calling my center as result oriented center as it was giving continuous results in weight loss .On 2 and March 2020 my center completed 5 years and I had 73 ladies in only two batches. During this period, I had been invited by few schools and hospitals as guest yoga trainer and I did few stage performances like times of India's happy street event.
Few of them were covered by newspapers like lokmat times and others.
Today my family and friends feel surprised and proud to see my transformation from a shy, reserved girl to a confident lady.

2. What is your fitness mantra?

Every day is another chance to get stronger, to eat healthier, to look better and to be a better version of you...!!
So get up and grab your dreams.

3. What are some of major misconceptions about diets and exercises?

Many people believe that eating less or doing fad diets can help them to achieve good results.
Actually fad diets can be more dangerous for your health than beneficial to it .Cos fad diets involve depriving yourself of essential nutrients and calories ,which in long term will make you feel fatigued and will slower your metabolism.
Myth about exercise- many people believe that they shouldn't do exercise as they need not lose weight.
It's a fact that weight loss is the major benefit of working out but exercise is not only for weight loss.
Exercise provide physical fitness, keeps you diseases free, as well as it's good for your mental fitness and keeps you stress free.

4 How can one maintain a healthy lifestyle?

I believe there are no shortcuts to success as well as fitness.
If u wants it, you have to work for it.
To maintain a healthy lifestyle...

1. Do workouts 5 times a week

2. Eat a balanced meal

3. Reduce salt and sugar intake

4. stay hydrated

5. Maintain a healthy weight.

5. How can one build a successful career in your field?

First of all you should have a passion for fitness.
To start u should get a degree from a recognized institute .Certified trainers have proper knowledge about different kind of workouts .Then start training and earn some experience. Lastly put all your efforts and dedication and no one can stop you from being successful.

6. What is one piece of advice you would like to give someone who wishes to lose weight?

Exercise and balanced meal are the two major factors for losing weight .Set realistic goals ,keep consistency in exercise, control the portion size ,increase your protein intake ( don't take supplements for losing weight ) Burn more calories than you eat and create a calorie deficit.

7.  How do diets and exercise contribute to overall well-being and happiness?

Diet and exercise are two major factors in overall mental health .Exercise releases happy hormones called ' endorphins ' that make you feel happy and positive.  Regular exercise can have a positive impact on depression and anxiety .It relieves stress and also improves memory.
Similarly eating a nutritious diet also affects your mood and mental health .This is also called ' food - mood connection’

8. Which is your favorite book and why?

My favorite book is ' power of positive thinking ' by Norman Vincent Peale.  Because this book has helped millions of people, including me to achieve a happy, satisfying and worthwhile life.

Interviewed by - Nikita Desale 

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