"Have the Right Amount of Passion to Go On" - Ancila Michelle N

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1. Tell us more about your background and journey.

Music and songs have helped me get through tough times and made me happier during good times. So I've always wanted to give a try in this field so that I can comfort someone just as I've been comforted. That's the reason why I took a chance and chose it. The other reason is that I love to sing and play the guitar.

2. When did you first decide you wanted to pursue music and how did you start?

I decided during my high school years as I was exposed to some of the best music at the time. I started by learning guitar in my vacation and also I've been singing most of my life.

3. Who is your favorite singer and why?

There are so many that I can’t name one. I like singers who sing effortlessly and who enjoy themselves while performing.

4. Can you throw some light on opportunities one gets as a singer?

There are many opportunities for singers and it depends on what type of music you want to take. There are lots of options to choose from but it does take a lot of hard work and determination to do whatever genre you choose.

5. Is format training required or can one train themselves purely on the basis of talent?

Both are equally important. One should have the talent to sing and improve by themselves and also these days proper training is required to survive in the field.

6. What piece of advice would you like to give to future and aspiring artists?

The only advice I have is to only pursue the field if you have the right amount of passion to go on. There's a ton of competition these days and you have to have the conviction to stay.

7. Which is your favorite book and why?

I have a lot, but my recent favorite is Eleanor & Park. I just love it. I loved the feeling it gave me as I read the whole book. It made me want to have someone like Park in my life.

Interviewed By - Srinidhi Guruprasad

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