How Modeling Has Evolved Over the Years

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Due to the growing number of models today, becoming a supermodel is extremely tough, much more when you want to be a petite model. There's no secret the desirable measurements for female models are anything but short, as they should be at least 5'8", with the safe range commonly standing at 5'9" to 5'11". In short, having a petite figure is not what one could call getting off to a good start.

As you will shortly observe, however, some of the most successful petite models of all time were short indeed, yet their short height was easily balanced by their personal and extremely iconic characteristics. To become a successful petite model, one should consider the following factors:

1. Do you have any characteristics that only you possess? Like a specific feature of your face, which could make you unforgettable and easily recognizable? Well, rock it and accentuate it! Finding one's uniqueness is a must in the fashion industry in general.

2. Physical appearance aside, it is important to find your style, namely your signature look. If you want to be a successful petite model, you better work on your wardrobe!

3. Posture. Having a good posture is mandatory. So start practicing to sit with a straight spine and more importantly, keep your shoulders back when walking down the street or at home.

4. Once you have worked on your look, you have to acknowledge all of your modeling opportunities which have increased exponentially because of social media. To be a runway short model is actually difficult, modeling for catalogs, magazines, and advertisements are way easier. Invest your time in looking for modeling opportunities in both your local area and internationally.

5. Modeling for specific parts of the body such as hands, teeth, eyes, and faces is a good way to start implementing your portfolio with successful jobs. Investing in a good portfolio is also extremely important, as it is a model business card. 

Hence, believe in your worth and invest in a good and professional photographer and an art director, because one really gets what one pays for!

6. After investing your money in a good portfolio, start investing your time looking for agencies that have signed short models and supermodels before. Sign only with the agency that fits your needs the most and doesn't forget to review your contract carefully! 

It may be more difficult for a short model to succeed in the industry, but don't get discouraged. There are plenty of opportunities out there, just go and catch them!

Written By – Meghana Dalal 

Edited By - Aditya Neelakantam

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