'Journalism is like fighting a battle' - Emad Jassar

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1. Tell us about yourself and your educational background?

Hi, my name is Emad Jassar and I am an anchor at Yemen TV. Talking about my educational background, I did a Bachelors degree in Mass Communication and Media from Sana'a University, Yemen. After which I joined Yemen TV as an intern, and later I slowly got promoted to become a TV Anchor and Journalist.

2. What do you think about press freedom in Yemen?

Unfortunately in Yemen, there is no freedom for the media, the media are either threatened with liquidation or arrest and sometimes enforced disappearances.

What we have seen in Yemen since the coup d'état in 2014 has increased the frequency of media abuse, with journalists arrested and imprisoned for nearly six years, behind bars, journalists are receiving the most physical and psychological torture, including those who have been released from prison dead or at least completely out of action, all because of an opinion of a journalist at an event of interest to the country.

3. Who is your favorite media professional or journalist and why?

I admire the personality of the journalist and tv presenter Yosri Fouda, he is very excellent and has been able professionally to convey the suffering of the Arab peoples eager for freedom, as well as the journalist Abdul Rahman Al-Rashid.

4. What is your message to all aspiring media professionals?

My message to aspiring media professionals is never to despair, who wants to go into the profession of trouble, if he believes in his purpose and ambition, no despair and no failure, continues, the field continues to be open for all, also does not weaken our being in a country that does not respect the rights of expression and the press, and may be held accountable and possibly arrested, just be ready for all the consequences!

Journalism is a free and tiring profession, but it needs strong strength, the journalist is fighting a battle between the ruling authorities and the suffering of the people.

5. What TV show do you dream of presenting?

I dream of presenting any Arab cultural competition program on MBC
Or the trap program as well as who will win the million or the program of art competitions Arab Idol and other artistic competitions programs on MBC.

6. What's your motto for success?

The slogan of success dream to succeed dream start the idea and seek to develop the idea and develop it is to reach success

7. Which Arabic TV shows do you prefer to watch?

I like to watch quiz programs that include cultural and public questions and require suspense and anxiety for the contestant and viewers such as The Trap and the Wall and who's going to win a million.

8. If you wish to interview a famous person in TV, who is that and why?

I hope to meet one day with the media Ahmed Al-Shaqiri, to benefit from him face to face and thank him for what he offers in all his programs and the media Hassan Jamoul of the greatest broadcasters, so that we train his hand in providing news and programs

9. What's your favorite book and why?

My favorite book is always the Qur'an, from which we draw from the matters of our religion and our daily lives the coffee of our constitution in our dealings as well as other books. It's a lot of news, most notably the world's most famous journalist's book, and a book that doesn't make you sad.

And there's a lot more to it...

Emad Jassar
TV Anchor and Journalist
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/emad.gassar.1

Interview By - Sarah Alkbat

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