'Let the Public See the Truth in Your Voices and Pens' - Ahmed Yawesif al-Maghari

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1. Tell us about your background and journey.

Hi, I am Ahmed Yawesif al-Maghari from Gaza City/ Palestine.
I hold a bachelor's degree in journalism and media from Al-Aqsa University.
I have worked in many local and Arab agencies in the field of reporting and filming.

I care about writing and I like to always highlight human and social issues in a journey of looking for people who are suffering and want to communicate their message and voice, and I try from my work as a journalist to be their tongue and their message.

2. What is your opinion about press freedom in Palestine and India?

With regard to the freedom of the press in Palestine and compared to most other countries, we find that Palestine is characterized by the existence of the kind of freedom of journalists and journalists, so that it allows journalists to access sources of information and verify them.

It is considered one of the least prosecuted countries for journalists and if there are some abuses concerning the government and the authorities present, it is not mentioned in the history of our press that a journalist was killed as a result of the work of a journalist or whose life was endangered by a report or investigation.

Compared to India, press freedom in Palestine is greater and wider in many aspects.

3. Who is your favorite journalist and why?

The favorite journalist is Tamer Al-Masal, correspondent of Al-Jazeera TV, and the reason is that I see in him a journalist who is experienced with his work with a strong word.

As he is considered one of the most distinguished journalists with regard to objectivity, transmission and information, he is present in all fields to convey the news from its main source in all transparency, as it is considered one of the boldest journalists.

4. What do you think about the quality of journalism in Palestine and how can it be improved?

With regard to the quality of the Palestinian press, I think it is good, but it needs some criteria to be best in its condition and this can be summarized in the following points:

  • Improving the media role of media organizations and their modus operandi.
  • Distance from partisanship in the transfer of information from its sources.
  • Development of media cadres working in international institutions.
  • Unifying media discourses on the Palestinian issue.
  • Supporting the media system and financing it with all the equipment and staff it needs to promote it.
  • Ranking of media roles and censorship of news and information published.
  • Creating an accredited information centre that provides information agencies with the basic sources of news.

5. What is your message to all aspiring journalists?

My message to aspiring journalists is, don't be paid to work for parties and politicians, convey the news objectively and stay away from putting your opinions in reports and articles and let the public see the truth in your voices and pens.
Be the impregnable bulwark of your cause and fight with all your strength for its victory, you represent the strongest power in the country.

6. If you could interview one famous person, who would that be and why?

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Fiqi, owner of human development and the reason for this is that whenever I follow his recorded programs I saw in him that person who helps you build yourself and motivates you to be the best, comes out the energy inside you you did not know, and cultivates in yourself hope and ambition.

7. Which is your favorite book and why?
My favorite book is "100 greats of the nation of Islam have changed the course of history."

For the author Jihad al-Tarabi.
The reason for this is that I saw the true power of Islam in mentioning those great ones.

Ahmed Yawesif al-Maghari
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ahmaed.mghari

Interview By - Sarah Alkbat
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