Student Leader Interview - Varun Talwar, IHM RIG

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1. Tell us more about your role & responsibilities at your college?
  1.  My current role is Class Representative in my college which involves:
  • Sharing notes with the entire class to keep them engaged. 
  • Coordinating with instructors/ teachers for day to day class activities.
  • Make the atmosphere more healthy and friendly for everyone to learn and grow.
  • Manage social platforms for my college.
2. How did you rise up to your position and how can a student aspiring the same, approach it?
  1.  I think the main reason to rise up to this position is :
  • Dedication towards my approach “ work smart and play hard"
  • An early start to leadership role makes you learn the smallest integrities of the trade and helps to learn a lot.
  • I always wanted to be at the front office so managing from your class can be the best first step for a better managerial position since it’s hard to manage the young than mature.
3. What have been some of your biggest challenges and learnings from what you do?
  1.  I think the biggest challenges and learning for me are:
  • To manage a class with all young minds like me and still makes them come to common thinking.
  • To make sure that all the discussions and concerns of the class are mutually addressed and at the same time, all the ambiguities are settled with management.
  • I have learned a lot from managing to leading from the front in my current tenure at college.
  • Learning is not just limit to academic but even my social behavior and soft talking skills and emerge from my current role at the college.
4. What did you do in your current role that makes you feel really proud of yourself?
  •  Meeting new people with new mindsets makes me learn a lot.
  •  My soft-spoken skills have improved a lot.
  •  New cultural learning.
  •  Earn while you learn in my college is a big smile for me.
  •  leaning how different people react to the same by scenario. 
5. What's your message to encourage students to do internships and attend conferences?
  • Earn while you learn in college time can be the best support system one can get.
  • Learning how different people react to the same scenario is the best teaching a student can get.
Interviewed by - Sunidhi Gupta

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