"Teaching Shapes Young Minds & Strengthens Foundation" - Poonam Shekhawat

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1. Tell us more about your experience as an educator.

I am serving for last 17 years and have witnessed endless changes as today we all know because of Covid 19 online teaching is in vogue.  Come across 1000's of students n experienced and enjoyed every bit of it

2. What is your opinion of Indian education system and how would you like to change that?

We know that Indians are excelling worldwide and have left their mark, so we can conclude that Indian education is an amalgam of everything still everyday something or the other is being incorporated in it.


3. What changers in the teaching methodologies have you seen in recent times?

Drastic changes, earlier teacher was at cent but now child centered education is practiced along with that modern technology had added to it


4. How does education help one do well in their career?

Education is the backbone, it gives a better and broader vision and opens umpteen number of opportunities


5. Do you think teaching is a profession is viewed at power of corporate jobs?

Not exactly,  as we know people think it is the last thing one opts, but may be this pandemic brings a better picture and can bring change and teaching fraternity gets better position or equivalent to corporate


6. How can adopt technology to make teaching more effective?

We have already started doing it like online classes, test and exams and even aids in classroom teaching


7. Why does India needs more educators like you?

Teaching profession is not only holy and selfless but shapes the young minds and strengthens the foundation


8. Which is your favorite book and why?

There are many but all depends on mood and state of mind.

Interviewed By - Kirti Wadhwani

"Teaching Shapes Young Minds & Strengthens Foundation" - Poonam Shekhawat "Teaching Shapes Young Minds & Strengthens Foundation" - Poonam Shekhawat Reviewed by Shathika_Neevisha on June 17, 2020 Rating: 5

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