The World of ‘Netflix and Chill’

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'Netflix and Chill' is indeed the new normal 

No one knows where the phrase 'Netflix and Chill' originated, but it has taken over the world by storm. The catchphrase is not only cool but also reflective of the modern-day lives. For some, Netflix is a part of their daily schedule and has become a ritual that they cannot do away. Well, at least the Indians have moved beyond the orthodox 'saas-bahu' narrative. Back in time, Ekta Kapoor was a brilliant salesperson, as she sold the same story in different forms to the Indian audience. If you disturbed someone in between an episode, you would surely bear the brunt of his/her anger. Much water has run under the bridge since then, and the way we consume entertainment shows has also changed.


The Meaning of OTT Platforms

Over-the-Top or OTT platforms signifies the delivery of audio-visual content to the viewers through the internet and not through the satellite services. This new medium of entertainment has challenged the otherwise thriving media and television industry. It has forced filmmakers to rethink their mode of delivery of content.

The significant surge in the consumption of over-the-top content can be attributed to several factors. The penetration of smartphones and the internet, net neutrality, increasing content, competition for screens in multiplexes, the social propensity and desire for privacy and convenience - all these factors have driven the growth and acceptance of OTT platforms. Unlike televisions, the specialty feature with over-the-top platforms is its delivery over a spectrum of gadgets like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even TVs.


The Shift in Video Content Consumption Habits

The rising market of over-the-top content has gradually given rise to many other such platforms. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Hotstar+Disney, and YouTube are among the most famous names in this domain. The market has attracted several other players like TVF, Voot, ALT Balaji, Zee5, and many others. Netflix has always been appreciated for the quality of content that it has on its platform. However, the recent upgrade in the quality content of some of the other platforms has given some serious hiccups to this OTT giant.

           Content has been the King and will always remain the King


The virus's implications had resulted in lockdowns, social distancing, and stalled new content creation. The entire situation has been a win-win for these streaming services, and the audience caught up at home. Psychology says that when people have time, they experiment. The consumption of such streaming services has increased multifold as people looked for ways to keep themselves entertained.

The streaming habits of netizens have evolved and have become more diverse. People are consuming content across different channels and platforms. The over-the-top platforms have emerged as entertainment hubs. The millennials, the generation alpha, and the generation X are all glued to their smartphones. The recommendation and analytics engines used by these platforms recommend something of the users' interest and keep him or her wanting to return. The next time your friend ends a chat with his desire to go and watch a Netflix show, just remember that

                        'Netflix and Chill' is indeed the new normal

Written by - Harshit Somani                        

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