"Virtual Methods Are Really Good for Minor Ailments" - Padma Sundari

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1. Tell us about your background and journey.

I am the first medical graduate from my well educated middle class family. And my journey has been quite simple. I entered medical school after performing well in my common exams. I entered into it without doing much research. I had a really tough time initially but I would say it's worth all the struggle.


2. Despite so much of talent in India, why do people look abroad for treatment?

Um...this was true some years back. I think it's changing and definitely will change. According to me people look abroad for treatment mainly for these reasons,

  • Better care: health care facilities are no doubt better in developed countries than developing countries as the quality of care can be significantly high – Developing countries may offer better quality of care due to newer facilities, better scientific developments, and etc...
  • Better techniques: developed-developing!! Obviously developed nations will have better and advanced techniques
  • Most importantly, less chances of contracting infectious diseases!
  • Legality: Some travel abroad for procedures that some countries may deem not so legal or ethical. The organ transplant market and abortions is an example of this


3. How important is super specialization for doctors?

It is important yet depends on what you choose to do in life. You can be a general practitioner after MBBS. Good enough. Family physicians are fading out these days but they are really important. Our fancy to specialize shouldn't make us forget our general basics. That's more important.


4. What is your take on virtual methods of providing treatment?

Virtual methods are really good for minor ailments I would say. It would reduce unnecessary hospital exposure. But people should be well aware of when to take a call to the hospital.


5. What do you think are the key differences in studying medical in Indian and other countries?

Studying medicine in India...We would be concentrating primarily on our endemic illnesses and what would suit us and what would work for economic status. Besides we have a huge population and finally we would have quite an exposure. Quality of medical education in India is actually really good!


6. Which countries are the best for studying medical besides India?

United States, UK and Australia As far as I have heard are the best for studying medical sciences besides India. However, gaining admission is very difficult. They offer a well-structured MBBS program keeping in track with the latest developments in the fields of technology and medicine? There will be shorter hospital hours, more group work and interactive learning sessions.


7. Which is your favorite book and why?

I love self-improvement books and rom-coms. I would recommend 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey.

In this book, Habits 1, 2 and 3 deal with the notions of being proactive, self-control and being independent. They set out the foundations for the skills required in order to succeed. Habits 4, 5 and 6 chart the path to interdependence, and provide the route towards being successful.

Habit 7 refers to the previous points and the continual improvement required in relation to the various challenges that life brings.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, the book became an instant rage because people suddenly got up and took notice that their lives were headed off in the wrong direction; and more than that, they realized that there were so many simple things they could do in order to navigate their life correctly. This book was wonderful education for people, education in how to live life effectively and get closer to the ideal of being a ‘success’ in life.

But not everyone understands Stephen Covey’s model fully well, or maybe there are some people who haven’t read it yet. This is definitely true because we still see so much failure all around us.


8. What impact do you want to create in the medical field?

There are two things I would like our medical fraternity to incorporate

  • A healthy lifestyle - because doctors are the ones who speak more of it and practice less of it
  • It would be better if we practice integrated system of medicine for certain illnesses like chronic lifestyle related illnesses. This is not usually encouraged. I think it's worth giving a try

Interviewed By - Sivagnana Manisa S V


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