What Is Adventure Sport And Where Can You Experience It in India?

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Adventure sports is also known as action sports to many. It may be defined as an area of sports where the degree of threat is much higher than the normal circumstances and any mistake can cause serious injury or even death. Adventure sports experience individual participation in most of the cases. It requires highly specialized skills and equipment to take part in such activity. There is a general perception among people that experiencing such kind of sports is not possible in India, which is false.

There are many exciting options available in India, some of which are listed below –

Paragliding - 

Paragliding is the most common among the adventure sports community in India. Paragliding is possible high mountain ranges, which are present in abundance here. People take off from a high place with the help of initial push; they glide in the air with the help of parachutes, which are modified to enhance their gliding capabilities. Few placed to experience this thrilling adventure sport in India are : Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh. After Chamonix is Europe, It is the second highest Paragliding spot in the world.

River Rafting -

River rafting is another popular adventure sport with wide variety of options in India. In river rafting a group of people use an inflatable boat to navigate through rough water bodies. It is generally done in whitewater and that is why it is often referred as white water rafting.

Following are the places where river rafting can be experienced in India-

Rishikesh, It is the most popular place to do river rafting and many people get this experience here for the first time before getting finally addicted to it. Zanskar River, Ladakh, It is also a great place for rafting. The stones and rocks with violent waves make it even more adventurous.

Scuba Diving -

Scuba stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, and diving means to go underwater. Scuba diving is one of the most exotic adventure sport that you can experience. In most of the cases it is done in group in presence of an expert. People dive with the help of Scuba equipment. It provides them with limited oxygen, during the limited time people go underwater to explore the mysterious and beautiful underwater world. 

There are three major places where Scuba diving can be experienced -

Cinque Island, Andaman and Nicobar- It is the most popular place among the scuba divers in India. A rich marine life in this area makes the scuba diving experience even better. Shelter Cove, Goa- Apart from the beautiful beaches Scuba diving is also an activity that you can enjoy in Goa. It is situated to the north east of Grande Island. A variety of fishes and underwater creatures can be seen here.

Skiing -

 Skiing, an adventure sport also comes in the category of winter sports. There are two common places in India where skiing can be experienced- Manali, Himachal Pradesh Gulmarg, Kashmir

Trekking -

Trekking is one of the most accessible adventure sports available in India. It requires almost negligible specialized equipment and our country is blessed with variety of terrain that is perfect for trekking. 

Few of them are listed below :

1. Zanskar Chadar Trek
2. Glacial Roopkund Lake Trek
3. Chandratal trek
4. Charang valley trek

There are many other options available and more modern options like Flyboarding and Dune Bashing have also made their way to India. India is full of surprises and So now if you want to experience adventure sports you don’t need to go abroad!

Written by  - Chandan Kumar

Edited by - Nidhi Verma
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