5 Blooming Startups You Should Know About

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What are Start-ups?

Start-ups refer to the new businesses whose primary aim is to grow large beyond the solo founder. Start-ups initially face high uncertainty and have high rates of failure, but only a minority of them do go on to be successful and influential because of their aims, ideas, and strategies. In this article find the start-ups that seem to have a bright future.

List – 

1. ToffeeTeens – 

Toffeeteens is an Open Blogging Community which Promotes and teaches freelancing in different domains like Content Writing, Blogging, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Proofreading, Digital Marketing, Content Planning, Content Marketing, Poetry, Social Awareness etc. for free. 

They believe that becoming financially Independent and learning skills is really important to sustain in the current market. They work on Network Learning and grow exponentially in terms of skills, accordingly by working on Projects, Internships, etc. They associate with other firms, take up freelance projects, and finish them with outlines procured. Their Blogging community is open and free for everyone.

2. Festa – 

Festa offers marketing, branding, and sponsorship services to brands, start-ups, influencers, YouTubers, or event organizers. It was founded in 2019 by Swasti Jain and co-founder Sparsh Jain. Till now, they have helped college societies in raising multiple sponsorships and have recently started providing paid promotion campaigns to influencers and YouTubers too. 

Their vision is to make everything easy in just a single click and launched the Website festamarketing.com. From branding, marketing to sponsorship all services are provided by Festa.

3. Doxper – 

Doxper was founded by Randeep Singh with an aim to up the ante in data storing for hospitals and healthcare professionals. With the integration of cloud computing, machine learning, and AI, it is a digital pen with an encoded paper-based documentation system. All that the doctors and professionals need to do is, write using the Doxper pen on the encoded papers. 

“We wanted to innovate an altogether new data input modality for healthcare. After all, digitization forms the backbone for efficient, fast and sustained growth in any industry,” says Randeep the founder who came up with the idea after watching the doctors struggle with gadgets for data entry and recording of healthcare data. The widely common issue of doctors’ indecipherable handwriting is also taken into account with features that can pick up accuracy between 80-90%.

4. Clensta 

Clensta (cleaning + instant) was primarily invented for soldiers stationed in extreme environments but can prove useful to elderly people, patients in hospitals, or adventure enthusiasts. As the founder expressed, “with both water scarcity and the level of groundwater now reaching alarming levels (both nationally and globally), and for a country that remains drought-prone, where natural calamities are a regular phenomenon affecting more than its 330 million inhabitants, Clensta is a much-needed idea”. 

It is free of alcohol, Sodium lauryl sulfate, and any other harmful ingredients. It can be applied directly to hair and body, massaged before dried off using a towel. It removes dirt, grease, and oil completely, but also provides anti-microbial properties along with removing body odour to maintain the pH of the skin.

5. RoadMetrics -

It is a tech startup that identifies all types of road defaults such as potholes or cracks and alerts the users about the upcoming rough conditions and danger zones and suggests them better routes to their destination. The roads in the suggested routes will be color-coded according to the severity of their condition to make it understandable. 

For example, a green road means a smooth ride with minimal defects; a yellow road might be an indication of a rough road with patches or cracks; and a red road is the worst of all combining raveling, patches, cracks, and potholes. The signs for manholes and speed breakers on the route shall also be seen. 

One of the interesting features the start-up offers is a drag-and-drop interface for their customers, where they can see detailed analytics of road conditions such as the percentage amount of roughness of the road or about the potholes.



Written by – Ritika Singh

Edited by - Bushra Makhdoomi

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