"Designing Is a Kind Where You Craft Your Imagination Into Visual" - Pinkesh Panchal

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1. When and how did you choose to be a graphic designer?

Since childhood, I was more interested in areas related to art like sketching, painting and crafts. In the first year of engineering, I started designing a logo for a friend's family business and also helping for college events collateral designs. 

Later that year I started a page on Instagram for fun & as a hobby for starters. As time passed I started deep diving into my work and also people around loved my content and were appreciative of the same. 

So I continued my journey in the field of Graphic Designing although I’ve completed graduation in Computer Engineering. 

2. What is a role and scope of work for a graphic designer?

As I have no formal education in the field of Graphic Designing, I have learned all by myself so for me, Graphic Designing is simply to convey your visual experience in such a way that the customer or the end user can emphasize and interact visually in an informative way. 

The scope of graphic designers would be to create visual experience in elements such as logos, images, I Infographics, brand collaterals, social media, UI/UX, and illustrations that help to deliver the desired message for any Organization.

3. Which are some of the tools and Softwares that a graphic designer must be aware of?

Tools are just a key to converting your ideas into design. It is just like giving a form to your imagination. You need to have a deep sense of converting your imagination into a visual representation. 

So as per your interests, some of the tools that I would like to suggest are Adobe Illustrator and Corel draw for Illustration and Designing, Adobe AfterEffects for Motion Graphics, Photoshop for Photo editing and Adobe XD and Sketch for UX/UI.

4. How in your opinion has this profession changed over years?

Nowadays people have a tendency of judging a book by it’s cover, Graphic Designing is a field of imagination that has a major role in this real world. In this digital era where almost every business needs designers, it is a great time to be in this field. 

Although in the past few years there are so many automated Softwares available in the market where they have template-based services but in a real sense the creativity sparks in the mind of the one who visualizes it, who matches your vision. 

I want to conclude by saying that solving the problems of clients with creativity and original work will always be valued in this field. 

5. Do you often need to keep yourself updated with the Software or Tools?

As a graphic designer and content creator I keep updated myself with design trends and market needs by reading new blogs and following your idols of designing. Yes, It’s very important to stay updated with software and tools to save the execution time of your thoughts and not to limit your creativity.

6. What kind of book do you prefer to read?

I am inclined to read books on startup, advertising, designing, branding and some biography. Some of my favorite, Elon Musk Biography, Zero to One by Peter Thiel, Pandemonium by Ad Guru Piyush Pandey, The Design of Everyday things by Don Norman, The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone and many others. 

7. How can one develop a keen sense for design and aesthetics?

I believe observation is the key. Designing is a kind where you craft your imagination into visual with a creative approach while keeping in mind the end user for your projects. 

Here are some of the suggestions: 
  1. Observing things and events around you. 
  2. Travelling opens your mind and creativity. 
  3. Learn from past great work done by artists.
  4. Looking back to your past work and making improvements
  5. Always exploring new horizons in the field of designing.
  6. If you’re a content creator, stick around and be creative. There’s always a space for great content on the internet.
- Pinkesh Panchal
  IG: pinkeshpanchall

- Interviewed By: Pallavi Surana

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