"Do It Because You Love Creating Content"- Deepika Vaghela

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1. Tell us about your background and journey. 

My name is Deepika Vaghela I am going to graduate in this month I’m a law student going to be a lawyer I started it like 3 year back but actually what happened I was going out with my friends so I thought just a random thought that I wanted to start my page where I can tell people about how was the food at that particular place.

I started my page with my another friend from Mumbai I was very fascinated by the idea to create a page where we shall put up pictures of food.

So I continued with her for 7-8 months we were 3 girls one was from Pune, other from Mumbai and I was from Delhi because of lack of liberty of uploading content and restriction of creativity we had conflict so when I left that page at we had 7k-8k followers so many of my friends tried to convince me of dropping the idea to leave the team.

But I was doing it for fun and when you have so restriction on content creation then I started my new page from 0 followers I started this page with the name of deep into food and I changed it to ‘Game_Of_Foodiez’. It has been 2.5 years (approx.) since I started this page. So this is all about this page.

2. When did you first decide that you wanted to create content and how did you start?

As I told you I use to go out with my friend so I thought let’s do it I would upload pictures of places, food and lets see how things work out at that time I did not know this is actually an industry I thought this is only me or few people who does this when I entered this industry I found it is very huge. 

Now though it is very crowded at that time it was really a thing very few people did it.by the time I left my last page I got an idea what I want to do with my page how to present my page.

Though it was a task to start from 0 so it was not for the likes, followers or money, it was for fun and It makes me happy it was the only reason I created this page. 

3. Is vlogging and YouTube content creation a financially sustainable career?

Though I am not on YouTube when I create content on Instagram ,I would not say you can sustain future only on basis of Instagram page off course you need to start your YouTube though I am not sure about creating YouTube page for the sake of just starting.

I need time, patience and effort it takes a lot of effort while creating a video money creation is not easy task on Instagram page though you have a great number of followers 100K or 200k or may be more than that then you can.

It is good for your pocket and can give you good life style for some period you can’t totally rely on vlogging when you look at very big vlogger they are not only on Instagram they are on other platform that why they earn good amount of money so my answer about can good amount of money can be generated using Instagram page you have to be available on other platforms like YouTube or other platform a lot of thing you have t do to earn a living out of it. 

4. Who is your favourite creator and why?
I don’t have any food favourite blogger or influencer! But I like Shivesh recepies also now I am inclined towards fashion an lifestyle content. And I am creating content like that too. So I take my inspiration from Masoom Minawala ,leonie hanne. 

5. How and where do you find inspiration to churn out content?

To be honest when It comes to food It’s my mind which really creates content for myself about like food, I don’t need to think I know what I need to do. About fashion and lifestyle I watch a lot of videos from where I can take inspiration and make it more practical I don’t find life in Instagram too real so I try to create to my content which I create to be more real and relatable when people watch they should feel ki “ atleast pehan to sakte hai !”.

I have seen many Vloggers creating content that is not reliable I don’t want such content for my audience I want my content to be relatable more practical whether its food or fashion lifestyle when it comes to food I don’t take inspiration from other but when it comes to lifestyle as I’m so I take inspiration from other pages. 

6. What does your typical day look like?

My day is same as any other ordinary Delhi girl as now its lockdown before that I use to go to college if not college then to my office directly comeback home usually. I take out time on Saturday Sundays and put it for the week. When I am not going out on Saturday & Sunday.

I try creating content at home through home-made food my life is simple not to complicated. 

7. Which is your favourite book and why?

I was a very big novel lover I use to read a lot during my school days one after another then board happened to me the habit of reading books and everything was no more and then college so my habit of reading books faded.

My two favourite books are ‘The Kite runner’ and other is ‘Jaya’ I really loved these books specifically. 

8. What piece of advice would you like to give to future and aspiring creators?

My piece of advice to new, budding bloggers would be don’t start your page just because you see a fancy life on Instagram and you want it do it because you want to do it , to showcase your talent and you really want to pursue. 

Don't do it just because somebody told you or you show something fancy on Instagram. Do it because you love creating content another advice don’t run after followers and likes create content “vo bolte hai na aapke peeche jhaak maar kr follows and like aayege bus content acha create karna hai!”

- Deepika Vaghela

Interview By - Kavita Negi

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