"Don’t Try to Be Better Than Anyone Else, Just Try to Be a Better Version of Yourself." - The Bassicks

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1. Tell us about your background and journey.

We are an electronic Dj/Producer duo which consists of brothers Bhavya Sharma and Garv Sharma, more popularly known as The Bassicks. We have been creating music for 4 years and have our release on all the major platforms. 

We were curious about music from a very young age and formed up a duo at the age of 18 years. Being born in an Indian family it was never easy to choose music as our primary career so they started pursuing their music career while pursuing Law and Engineering. 

Sometimes it’s a bit hectic managing our studies with our music career but we always try to overcome these hurdles. When we started we knew we would work hard to achieve our goals but we had no idea that we’ll come this far and now the only way is up. 

We never look back to the days that have gone and we always keep looking forward.

2. Is DJ'ing a mainstream and financially stable career in India yet?

When we talk about DJ'ing, it’s tough to say if it’s a financially stable career or not but one thing that is certain is that if you work hard enough in any field, you can definitely make a living out of it. 

The current scenario is that every festival and club wants the DJs that are already popular and there are very few events that welcome new talent. Being an electronic DJ in India is also tough because most of people like Bollywood so if you’re not playing Bollywood music, either you won’t be booked or you’ll be paid very less amount of money. 

Being in this industry for 4 years, we have seen the dark side. When we first started, we were not paid big cheques, and to be honest, we were not doing it for money, we were doing it because we loved that feeling.

And now our passion for music has helped us come a long way.

3. Who is your favorite artist and why?

We are inspired a lot from the likes of Yellow Claw and Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. We grew up watching them and we have learned a lot from them. We adore them because first of all, they’re a duo too, and secondly, their style of music is unique and the way they interact with the crowd is amazing. 

We try to learn from all the good artists but we never try to copy them because that would not make us unique and if our style is not unique we won’t stand out. 

In this field, it’s very important to stand out because there are a lot of producers and DJs but there are very few who have their own fan base and their own style of music.

4. What are some of the common myths about your profession?

There are a lot of myths about being both a DJ and a producer. There are many people who think that all DJs do is switch music and nothing else which is funny because those people are the ones who listen to mainstream Bollywood music. 

The truth is that the DJs have to do many things in order to pull off a perfect performance, for example, proper mixing, reading the crowd, smooth transitions, and these are just the basics.

Another myth is people think it’s easy being an artist, it has happened with us as well, people keep saying you guys are lucky that you’re performing on these big stages but very few close ones know the struggle behind our story. 

So one thing that’s for sure is that it might look like we are having the time of our life but the fact that how did we get there is only known to us.

5. How and from where can one gain formal training for being a DJ?

There are many music schools across India that teach DJ’ing but they charge a lot. In our opinion, one can start from using a virtual DJ to know the basics of mixing and when he/she has learned enough from the virtual DJ then they can use an actual console to practice. 

Having equipment which belongs to you has many benefits, you can practice anytime you want and you can practice every day. We are not against the concept of music schools but it’s just an easy and cheaper way to learn DJ’ing for the beginners. 

We personally never charge anyone who wants to follow their passion, we just wanna help more and more people who are willing to learn and are passionate about music.

6. What are the kind of opportunities you get after being a DJ?

Well, there are quite a lot of opportunities we have got after being a DJ. We have performed in some of the biggest venues in our country, we have gone a long way from winning the War of DJs to being invited as a judge to the same competition. 

We are always passionate about our work and we have had opportunities to perform as a headliner at Renaissance festival, India music festival, Antaragni-IIT Kanpur, NCU Gurugram, Club trove, Club Zarza and many more. 

We also had the opportunity to share the stage with some of the finest talents in the Indian music industry like Johnnie Ernest, Dual vibes, Progressive Brothers and many more. We consider ourselves lucky to have had so many opportunities of being able to interact and perform with such big names.

7. Your message for people who want to make their passion their profession.

We believe that it’s always tough being an artist. There’s a lot of struggle and some of us are too scared to choose music as the primary career but there’s nothing to be scared, the most important thing is that if you’re passionate about something you can always make money out of that. 

The artists should just focus on their work and they’ll definitely succeed one day. Just never give up. And always remember don’t try to be better than anyone else, just try to be a better version of yourself.

We always support new talents and often collaborate with them too. We believe that the artists should not compare themselves to others and rather they should support others because the more we are united, the more we are stronger.

- The Bassicks
  IG: thebassicks

- Interviewed By: Anurag Jaiswal

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