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I do believe that something magical can happen when you read a book. Time and again it has been proved that reading not only provides you knowledge but also feeds your imagination. Avid readers have always been a step ahead in a society where knowledge brings you power.

One particular genre of books that provides you some of the most valuable lessons is autobiographies. An autobiography captures a man's life journey from his own vision. Every autobiography has a story to tell of its own about the beginnings till the very end and it should be of great interest to those who are still starting. Autobiographies have an interesting story to tell about a man's trials and tribulations.

This world has been built on by the likes and dislikes of the great and reading about these remarkable lives and the impact they made on the world provides you with the best source of inspiration. Those who wish to excel in their lives must take lessons from those who have made a great impact on the world.

Why one should read Autobiographies?

Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show." ― Charles Dickens
Autobiographies provide you with comprehensive knowledge. If one teaches you about the formulas to success, another helps you know about the pitfalls you should avoid. Some of the most important reasons why one must read autobiographies are as follows:

Serves as the Best Mentors

Autobiographies could play a role as a world-class mentor in your life. While reading an autobiography we get a glimpse in the mind of the writer and you gain the advantage of knowing them. These could set great examples of how we must face a particular situation or problem.

The best mentors in the world are not among us anymore, these books carry decades and centuries of knowledge and wisdom. An insight into another person's mind widens your perspective and inspires you to make a better choice.

Helps you Gain Insights

There's no substitute for experience but the next best thing is to learn from the experience of others.  Autobiographies help us gain insight into a powerful and influential mind. They invite you into the writer's mind allowing us to observe how they grapple with challenges and make important decisions.

They allow us to walk a mile in someone else's shoes which leads to a greater understanding and better decision making. Nothing trumps experience, but reading good autobiographies can give you the insight, inspiration, and perspective you need to overcome obstacles and lead a better and fulfilling life.

Gives you a Better Understanding of History

It is very important for us to understand how the world we live in today was shaped in history. Reading autobiographies also means reading about the environmental and social conditions in which the writer has lived. We sometimes learn more history through the one that has lived it than from history itself.

Knowing history helps you comprehend the present and everything around you. It's important to learn about cultural and social references that influence you since it makes you understand certain events better. Autobiographies help you see history through the eyes of the one that has experienced it.

Helps you Discover Yourself

As Barack Obama once said, "Reading is the gateway skill that makes all learning possible". While reading about someone else's experiences, situations, and limitations it gives you a better picture of where you stand by constant comparison with the writer.

Reading about some influential lives helps you broaden your focus and opinions towards certain issues.  They help you look at the world with a completely different perspective, even the ones which could ratify your own beliefs. Reading about how the pages unfolded, later on, helps you make smarter and wiser choices.

Gives you Incessant Motivation

Motivation is the fuel that helps you achieve your goals. Reading about some great lives will rage you with passion and motivation to do the same. Learning about how our great leaders contributed to shaping the world of today and their diverse perspective it gives you inspiration for your own life. They help you realize that hard work definitely pays off.

People fear failure but these stories tell you how failure has always been a part of the success and motivate you to begin. Reading about the struggles and failures of some great lives helps you realize that there is no success without sheer hard work and motivates you to do the same.
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There is truth in autobiographies and it is so much easier to tune in with the thoughts and feelings of the author through their autobiography.  The language used opens the mind to understand why the author took specific actions and achieved their successes. Being taken along on the journey of someone else's past life would result in a deeper yet moral connection between the reader and the writer.    

Written by - Riya Chhikara
Edited By - Vaibhav Sharma

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