"Every Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words, and a Million Emotions" - Garima Khanna

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1. Tell us about your background and journey.

Hi All, I’m Garima Khanna, an undergrad Pharmacy student studying at Panjab University. I have been running my blog My Food Epiphany for 3 years now. I would attribute the origin of this blog thoroughly to my passion for food. You can find my blog on various platforms - Zomato, Instagram as well as Blogspot.

I started long back, and I can say that I have evolved immensely since then. The journey has truly been an amazing experience of self-evaluation and growth. I have grown as a writer, photographer and most importantly as a person. It has been quite a rewarding experience.

2. What led you to do food blogging?

I have always considered my blog as my own personal journal. Every picture is a depiction of an event, an emotion and memories. Food is the one thing that unites us all. I thoroughly enjoy my work, and evidently, it doesn’t seem like one at all. “C’est la vie” it comes naturally to me. 

3. What does your typical day look like?

Every day is new. Although, I am mostly preoccupied with the university curriculum. I always make time to try out new recipes to share with my blog family. Sharing my experiences with different restaurants and their best food delicacies form a key element of my journey.

While food photography is an integral element, it is just the first step. For recipe videos, I do extensive editing to make each post appealing and exciting. Most importantly, it is important to take reviews and opinions of my audience to always improve. I experiment with varied content categories to always make posts refreshing.

4. When did you first decide that you wanted to create and write content about food i.e. for blogging?

I was in my 12 standards and as you can guess, I was immensely busy. So I would make a bucket list of my go-to places and when I was finally free, I decided to visit each one by one. Just like diary writing, I wanted to preserve and relish each experience for the times to come and that’s how I decided to make my own food blog.

Initially, I would only review restaurants and food on Zomato and soon I reached Level 11 which was one of the first milestones for me. I have mastered expertise in many localities. Consequently, I moved to Instagram as well as Blogspot.

Today I create varied forms of content from my own recipes to restaurant reviews, and even finding hidden knicks and corners with the most amazing delicacies. I even invite my blog family to recreate and represent their own food items from my recipes which I proudly share on my blog.

5. Is there a dish you particularly associate yourself with?

As I mentioned, every meal forms it’s own importance and shares an equal stage. Just like when you hear of an old song tune, stuck in your head. You come up with blissful stories. Similarly, my blog has unique items with their own magic.

Every picture is worth a thousand words, and a million emotions. With every meal, I aim to convey an experience with my audience rather than just the taste and aroma of the food.

6. Which is your favourite book and why?

My favourite book is an adorable poetry book named “The Anatomy of Being” by Shinji Moon. It describes the intricacies of each body part with metaphors of love, wisdom and melancholy. A patchwork of infinite words fit into one-page dances.

You are blue in flames.
I am the echo of a siren- the red.
That hangs in the sky long after the music is gone. 

This is a rose window we hand between us
To let the light in between our spines

Interview by - Sonam

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