From Being a Viewer to Being a Contestant on MTV Roadies, the Journey Has Been Worth Its While - Aman Poddar

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1. Tell us about yourself and your background

I have been born and brought up in Kolkata. I am a health and wellness practitioner and coach. I am a trainer at Endorphins, a chain of gyms across Kolkata. I train people to make their lifestyle better and also the athletes to enhance their fitness levels and their performance. I am a contestant at Roadies Revolution, the 18th season of Indian reality show MTV Roadies.


2. How did your journey with fitness start, and what has been your inspiration?

I have been training in the gym for over four years now. Just like any youngster, I thought training in a gym is all about building muscles and body. But it is when I started going to the gym that I realized there is so much more to this aspect. I got inspired by videos on social media about the flexibility aspect of fitness. I began doing calisthenics, which is a relatively lesser-known field. In the gym, others got attracted to me, and soon I started making videos of my training and started sharing it on social media. 

At the same time, I remember going to my father’s office. I hated my desk job and usually ended up going late to the office. I knew this was not for me, as I was not happy doing it. 

I approached Mr. Ranadeep Mitra, a strength and conditioning coach and former trainer for Indian Cricket Team. He met me and allowed me to intern at Endorphins, his gym to train people. He provided me with his best trainer Mr. Vineet Goyal who took me under his tutelage and made me into what I am today as a trainer. Mr. Yash Sethiya has always guided me towards me becoming a better person. I will forever remain thankful to the three of them for fostering a positive environment in my life and at the work that helped me learn and develop.


3. What have been the challenges that you faced while choosing this unconventional career?

There have been personal challenges with my self. I was a person waking up at 10:30 am when I was supposed to be at my father’s office at 10 am. I wasted time on social media and often unproductive things. I was absent-minded and distracted. So, I took this challenge to revive my routine and gave up my smartphone for the last 18 months. Now, this left me with a lot of time to think, invest my time in productive things like reading books, and eventually, the days seemed longer. 

Since I started my journey with fitness, I have woken up before 5 am every day. I have spent my time on my work while others were partying or enjoying festivals. My achievements have up with my share of sacrifices that I had to make. My career choice continues to raise a few eyebrows, but I have to satisfy myself with the kind of work I am doing, and for me, this is it.

I realized that one becomes mentally stronger and more determined when the odds are stacked against him. It is then that you start focussing on the process and the results follow eventually. 


4. How does it feel being on the other side from being a viewer to a contestant on MTV Roadies?

I have been watching MTV Roadies auditions for the past three years to compare myself with the others at the auditions. I evaluated myself in comparison to those who got selected and found out areas where I needed to improve. My key learnings were that people are versatile, talented, fit, and are influencers impacting the society in their unique way. I felt that I want to be a Roadie, but I am not doing anything towards it. I took efforts, and they have shown results. The feeling is surreal, but at the same time, I am not overthinking it. So, I just focussed on doing the process right, and the results followed.


5. What will be your tips for aspiring fitness enthusiasts?

You have to make your process right. Fitness is not only about going to the gym but also about eating right, being disciplined and sincere with your lifestyle. It is more important what you do outside a gym rather than what you do inside a gym. You have to eat right, be positive, and happy. Take small steps and set small goals towards your fitness.


6. How, as an Influencer, can you positively impact your followers?

I have my opinions, ideas, and ways of doing things. I do not want people to follow me or, for that fact, anyone blindly. Follow your instinct, feel free to carve your own way, and do what is best for you. Always look at the positive aspects of things. When your intentions are right, it does not matter what others think about it. I cannot make others believe in something which I myself do not believe in.


7. How are you handling the sudden fame that has come your way?

Honestly, there is a lot of pressure. There is a lot of love that I receive on social media, but that comes with a mix of hate and negativity as well. It hurts when people judge you based on a single scene without being aware of the context or story behind it. I feel the same way walking on the road, introducing myself as the old Aman I have been over the years. Fame is often short-lived, and undue attention about the same creates unnecessary hype, which hampers productivity and sustainability.


8. How does your typical day look like?

I am very much disciplined in my everyday life. The pandemic has prevented me from training people in the gym, so I am training people online. I am very particular about my sleep-wake time, work, and meal timings. I believe that work-life balance is critical. Along with my routine, I like being like any other youngster, go out shopping, watch movies, reading books, etc.


9. What are your future plans?

I want to continue in my field of work and expand the Endorphins brand in the entire nation. I want to educate people about what true fitness is all about and clear common misconceptions surrounding the same. The modern lifestyle functions in an aggressive environment, and it is important to work towards balancing one’s life to avoid health issues. I want to spread awareness about the necessity of breaking the home-office-home routine to take some time out for one’s health.


10. What will be your words of wisdom to the youngsters out there?

You should follow your own path. You should believe in yourself and what you do. Until you believe in yourself, you cannot expect others to believe in you. Always give your hundred percent to your efforts, as even a percent less would not give the desired results. Keep hustling and keep enjoying life.


Aman Poddar 

MTV Roadies Revolution Contestant, Health and Wellness Coach


Interviewed by - Harshit Somani


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