“Gaining Confidence Along With Experience Is Very Important” - Cherry Deol

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1.Tell me about you and your journey.

The journey has been amazing through all these years. I needed a direction to guide me to move towards my intended goal, which I’ve always had a passion for.

2.Why did you choose this career?

I wanted to be an artist, I wanted to create, transform and be able to beautify anything and everything. When I graduated and started my job in the field of marketing, my mind always used to wander off into the field of artistry. So I finally gave up my job and entered the world of beauty.  

3.How can one build a clientele as a makeup artist?

Initially you must first build your portfolio, you must experiment looks on different faces, gaining confidence along with experience is very important. 

4.What are some of your top makeup tips?

Never apply your foundation without prepping and priming your skin! This is a very important tip!  Also, make sure you colour correct dark and pigmented areas of your face with concealers/correctors to make sure there is no discolouration on your skin.

5.What kind of opportunities one can get after becoming makeup artist?

The opportunities depend on where you do the course from, some renowned makeup artists in the industry provide an aspiring artist with good skills a placement at their studio, apart from that one can directly get their own clients and work as a freelancer.

6.Which professional courses would you suggest for aspiring artists?

Well for starters, I teach basic to advanced pro makeup courses, if one has the passion and dedication to learn then they can join my pro course. It’s an upcoming course that’s planned for August this year.

7.Your favourite book and why?

To be honest, I’m not a bookworm! Reading for me is a task that I have to dedicate a good amount of time to, it’s just not for me!

- Cherry Deol

Interview By - Anshika Sharma