I'd Side With Teacher Student Interaction More Than Technology and the Student - Dr. A.Karthika Unnithan

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1. Tell us more about your experience as an educator. 

Professionally, I'm an upcoming bud. Since I started my career recently after my doctorate (English literature), I find it more interesting and exciting. 

2. What is your opinion of the Indian education system and how would you like to change that?

I find Indian education system as good only since compared to foreign education I find tutors are more personally and psychologically attached to students. More curious about their welfare too especially in terms of career orientation

3. What changes in the teaching methodologies have you seen in the recent times?

Indian education system has been more socially responsible now. Students and teachers started more to involve in societal issues and a great awakening of nurturing nature by planting trees and campaigns of various sorts are happening in most of the institutions.

4. How does education help one do well in their career?

They become more competent and confident. They will be able to guide illiterate people. They can change the world through their own next generations.

5. Do you think teaching as a profession is viewed at par with corporate jobs?

Most of the corporate individuals or CEOs for that matter has a teacher of their own. One's first teacher is their mother itself. So before the booming of corporate industry, the teacher and teaching was there. It is as a result of various Teachers fruitfulness, that is behind the successfulness of various companies.

6. How can we adopt technology to make teaching more effective?

Students are more interested to learn with PPTs, films, concept maps, podcasts, etc. I noticed it that they find it more interesting and thus they focus more. This mode is also a change from a conventional technique which allows us to delve deeper into technological aspects of teaching.

7. Why does India need more educators like you?

It is due to experience. Although everything is available in Google, it will be good to have a guide or a facilitator for a student. I'd side with teacher Student interaction more than technology and the student ..not that I'm against it but it has its pros and cons.

- Dr. A.Karthika Unnithan

Interviewed by- Harsha

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