Is Staying Home Becoming a Habit Now?

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About three months back when people were forced to stay home due to the global pandemic, we all were having several difficulties ranging from not being able to meet our friends and family, work from home, online classes and so on.

You may have all noticed many people including yourself would complain of the boredom of staying in or just wanting to get a nice breath of fresh air, although at that time it was not possible to go out. Whereas now things have changed and some people think differently.

Well, most of the above difficulties have slowly started to become our normal and we mostly plan our days now with components such as reading books, cooking a new dish or completing an online course we signed up.

How has the mindset in many of us changed since then?

The mindset in most of us has turned opposite in the approach of going outside. During the first stage of the lockdown, most of you would have initiated planning things to do post lockdown with your friends and family. All of us were stressed that we were not even able to go to the shops nearby if somebody else in your home buys essentials for you.

Things have slowly changed now and contrary to the earlier attitude, we have settled in our home and some in the room itself. Going towards the dining hall to eat food has become a task now, which was a routine back then.

Recent studies show that this mindset among people are common and most of them have picked up this attitude of not stepping out of the room. The root cause is the fact that we got extremely used to this lifestyle or maybe the extreme fatigue that we generated.

One fun fact is that we no more discuss any post lockdown plans with our friends instead, we discuss how we adapted to this new way of living. Even though this homebound mindset is widely common, we need to overcome this attitude up to a certain extent, failure to which can impact our social lives later.

Few tips:

The very first thing you can do to overcome this room bound habit is to come out of the room as soon as you wake up in the early morning or the present context- its early afternoon at least for some of you.
Researches have shown that our early actions and thoughts in a day influence the rest of the day. Therefore, avoid waking up and using the phone for an hour by which your body and mind may get used to the settled nature of the room environment.
Getting out of the room as soon as you wake up can, therefore, bring you a lot of change in your actions and you will probably move in and out more frequently than you used to. Greeting your parents or just brushing through the daily newspaper can act as your kick-starters.

Another tip to overcome this habit is by separating your work and personal space. Never work in a place where you sleep and vice versa. This separation can not only help us move around the home but also increases productivity and reduces the chances of fatigue.

To progress the change, you can slowly start visiting your backyard or walk around your home. You can even go out to buy essentials in nearby grocery shops, however, give the utmost care in making sure that you wear masks and take necessary safety measures to protect yourselves.


While it is important to not step out the home unnecessarily to fight against the ongoing pandemic, it is as important to keep up your mental and physical momentum by stepping outside your room except if you are self-quarantined.

In case, you're not quarantined or sick, make sure to attempt to get as much physical activity as possible as mentioned above. If you're allowed to take a walk or a run where you live, for instance, a park, your backyard, etc. make it a habit to go on one while maintaining a social distance.

While doing so, carry your mask, sanitiser and everything that you may need as a preventive measure. Take care and be active!

Written by – Arun S.

Edited by – Ivanova

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