“It Is More Important to Click With People Than to Click the Shutter.” - Saurav Shukla

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1. Tell us about your background and journey?

I was born and brought up in Patna(Bihar). I was a science student but I never really liked it. My parents wanted me to become an engineer hence, the science stream but I always wanted to go for commerce. My aim was to become a banker because I thought that is the only profession which would be easy to get into, though it’s not!

2.How and when did you realize your passion for photography?

I was interested in the functionality of a camera since I was in 8th standard. I never knew i would eventually choose it as a professsion because I knew very little about it as a career option. But things got a little clearer when I watched "Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani.” I got a lot more interested in photography as a profession, though i think it must have happened with a lot of people. But yes, that was my calling and I answered it. 

3. What are some tips you would like to share with amateur photographers?

One thing that I learned from ‘Raghu Rai’, a veteran in the photography industry is.. if you are really interested in photography you should click pictures every single day. Just Go out with your camera/ mobile phone’s camera and click pictures. It helps you in giving perspective, it also will help you to learn the concept of light, shadow, framing , etc.

4. What are some important skills one should have to be successful photographer?

What I have learned during last 5-6 years is that having a “Vision” is very important. Having a good sense of framing, sense of that right moment is necessary. But most importantly, the urge to learn and improve with every experience is what one should always keep in mind.

5. What are various opportunities available for aspiring photographers?

Due to the pandemic, the situation right now is currently haphazard. There is no certainty right now. But if you aspire to be in this industry I would say start right away! Be there, look for people who can get you some shoots, assist someone, be there in the field, observe, don’t expect money instead expect to gain a lot of experience and learn from that ‘someone’ you get in touch with.

6. Which is your favourite book and why?

I am absolutely not a book reader (hahaha)
But I am really trying to purchase this book called "This is my Church" by Rudger Geerling. He is a senior music photographer and this book is obviously about photography that’s why i am so interested in reading it. 😅Sadly, it’s not available in India right now. But I hope to be able to read it soon.

- Saurav Shukla

Interviewed by - Harsha

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