“It's Better to Make Friends in Business Than Customers” – Manhar Nagpal

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1. Tell us more about your journey. 

Journey has never been tough because I have always had confidence in whatever I did. Finished my B.tech in 2018 and started working with an MNC but did not find it any fruitful. Left the job , came back home and gave a thought of starting something.

Had so many ideas but no experience so at the start of 2020 I started looking for a job in a startup where I could work closely with CEO's . Fortunately got few offers but went on with a company which was not even started. 

Joined SalaryBox as a Business Developer with founders having experience with some biggest names in the industry.

2. What is a typical role of a BD person in any organization?

Solely depend upon the needs of the company. The traditional view for the same is go and sell the product, does not matter how.

 But when it comes to startups the job is quite difficult because you are the only one who has to generate the leads , set a meeting and then close the deal. One of the most important part is to find the niche audience for your product and also be patient enough to understand the needs of the client.

 There is a term used in Sales ABC- Always Be Closing , which means if you are unable to sell the product , do more research and find out the solution to each and every problem and then go to the client again- make the deal. 

3. What skills does one need to make a career in BD/Sales?

 In 2020 one has to have many skills such as little knowledge of Digital Marketing, Product management, person should be a good listener, understand the consumer behaviour, and on the top of all - Confidence, Language can also be a factor depending upon the target audience, friendly nature to create a comfortable environment. Better you make friends in business than customers.

4. Could you share some generic tips for lead conversion? 

What i feel is to first find the USP of your product and then present it to the people who really need it. Staying in touch is one of the most important part because if you don't , the client will forget you. 

Giving solutions to their needs as soon as possible and to give support after you have sold the product is the most important part because this is where you get your most leads from. Ask for ratings and recommendations.

5. How can one know if they have a knack for BD and will enjoy the role? 

 Simple , if you love to interact with people, if you love going out to meet with any type of people, you are already a business developer. A little experience or internship will nurture you.

6. Which is your favourite book and why? 

 The Book of understanding- Osho . Osho has never written a book but his audios were itself converted into books.

 I listen to him a lot because he gives you the true insight of yourself which in return gives an excellent insight to the world. His audios and books can help you cross any hurdle of life.

 - Manhar Nagpal

Interview By - Rupali Rawat

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