"Just Have Patience Work Hard and Success Comes as a Gift" - Swetha and Kavitha

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1. Tell us more about your company and your journey.

We call ourselves "chocogiggles" .... as the name says we manufacture homemade chocolates in many palatable flavors. As our name suggests our chocolates are sure to bring a wide smile on your faces and makes you keep coming for more.

The idea of starting up this business was a complete coincidence ... we learned the art of Making chocolate as a hobby and also to satisfy our sweet tooth and later on, we figured out that the idea of starting a business of homemade chocolates had a potential and that’s how we ended up starting this.

2. How did you come up with this idea and go about executing it?

As spoken earlier the idea was totally born out of a desire to satisfy our cravings. Initially, we had a lot of confusion regarding the raw material procurement, manufacturing, packaging, customer reach, and etc which is of course ever new business' thought we were new to the field and didn't have any idea.

Luckily after quite some research, we found a few suppliers for raw materials we began introducing our chocolates to people through our children that is distributing to their friends on our children's birthdays later on, we starting selling to people we knew and now we reach out to retail outlets.

3. What has been your biggest challenge that you faced and how did you overcome that? 

The biggest challenge for any business and for us was quality, pricing, and competition.

1. On one hand, we in no way wanted to hinder the quality of our product and on the other, we wanted to get our raw materials for a lesser price,

2. When it came to pricing, we wanted to keep it reasonable so that we attract a huge customer base.

3. Competition - that was our biggest challenge by the time we entered the business there were a lot of people who were already doing this we overcame all of this with positivity in our minds and a desire to achieve something we established contacts we approached quality suppliers and negotiated to price.

At the beginning, we kept our prices completable to attract customers

4. What do you think are the most important qualities of a successful entrepreneur? 

We believe the most important qualities of an entrepreneur should be motivation , desire, hard work and patience ,motivation because without that there is no desire and no desire then no hard work , no hardwork then nothing happens.

To top it all one should have the highest level of patience because one never gets anything at the first shot . We have seen a lot of ups and downs which we still do but that doesn't stop us from what we are doing.
Just have patience work hard and success comes as a gift.

5. What are some of the most important factors for running a successful business?

Same as above.

6. What are your tips for the first time and aspiring entrepreneurs?

We recommend you to not give up. Never ever loose hopes. Just wait you will achieve whatever you set out for ... after putting in a ton of hard work dont end it .you can do it.

Things definitely take time if you are pushed down, step up, breath, and rise higher

7. How can one overcome a hurdle of lack of funds when starting up? 

The first thing that will come to your rescue is your own savings. The next is your family and people who you know you need to have contacts even for raising funds. Always a remedy for anything is a network . 

Remember network is the net worth you could definitely approach financial institutions because they have attractive schemes for budding entrepreneurs

- Swetha and Kavitha, Entrepreneurs

- Interviewed by Khushi Badarinath

- Edited by Shilpy Sharan

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