Love Your Dreams and They’ll Hug You Back - Mrittika Ganguly

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1) Tell us about your background and journey.

Well to begin with my background I’m from a small town Halisahar which is situated in West Bengal, where I have been spending life with my Parents and Grandparents. 

While talking about my journey I really can’t specify any particular date as in when I started as an influencer. All I can remember it was as similar as choosing the subject Journalism & Mass Communication after my 12th. 

Only thing I wanted then was some sort of ‘spice’ in my life, which was not possible with those regular subjects I had been studying since past 12 years. And this very thought give me hope towards a new World. 

It takes a lot of time, energy, courage, dedication and most importantly ‘patience’ to be in this platform. All of this started with struggle and I'm still struggling. The only thing that had been constant through out this journey so far was the unconditional support from my Parents and my Best friend. 

2) What let you to start your page on Instagram and what is it about?

I am a very creative and enthusiastic person since childhood. In School I used to participate in every competition, whether I had minimum knowledge about it or not. So stepping into this Virtual World was something like that for me. Being a professional dancer, I was always into acting and mirror is my best buddy since then. Though I never thought of getting clicked by someone. 

The turning point came when someone told me “your smile has the power to conquer this World” that’s where I gained my confidence to hook into Instagram as a model, being finally appreciated by a lot of people and then it never stopped. Now when you see my page, you’ll find content related to almost everything starting from life style to food and it'll go on and on.

3) How would you distinguish the term blogger from an influencer? 

It's hard to call yourself an influencer, because this word itself carries a lot of responsibility. People will always look up to you for every minor detail. In case of a blogger one can just open a blog or page to promote or write about products or anything as per their choice. Even though for me both requires ability and hard work.

4) Is it financially sustainable to be an influencer today?

I would say every carrier needs a lot of hard work to reach its speak. So to be financially stable in this platform, you first need to build up a good profile of your own. The much you’ll give into this, the more you’ll gain back.  

5) What do you think influences consumer behaviour?

According to me you first need to influence yourself with your works, that’s when you’ll be successful in influencing your consumers. Concept of the content must be accustomed to the real World, so that consumer or audience can easily relate to it.

6) What is your idea of success or your mantra in life?

Just be confident to be ‘yourself’, it’s not necessary to be like every other person.
Love your dreams and they’ll hug you back.

7) How can someone become a successful social media influencer?

For me to be successful in this platform you don’t have to be classy or perfect all the time, just be comfortable with what You're doing and you can slay in that too.

Neither be too ordinary nor over the top be the actual person you are, that’s  what  people should always look up to you for.

8) Which is your favourite book and why?

To be very honest I’m not at all a bookish person, rather you can call me a movie insect.

But I do read books occasionally; “The Fault in Our Stars” a Novel by John Green is very much close to my soul. This tearjerker will make you shed tears every time and will teach you to survive the death of loved ones'. I’m also very fond of “Anne Frank” Diaries. 

Interviewed by - Vayun Sahni

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