Student Leader Interview - Aishwarya Pandey of Amity University

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1. Tell us more about your roles and responsibilities at your college?

 Earlier  in my  2nd year, I was a member coordinator of the Agro club which basically focus on 'All round development'.Then in 3rd year, I have been promoted to  vice president post in Agro club where I have to select and monitor  the members and their work performance and I was an editor of department's newspaper in 2nd year and in 3rd year I was the content writer and I was also a class representative till my 3rd year. 

2. What are the top skills that you have learnt with what you do?

I acquired and tasted a lot like leadership skills  which is very crucial to everyone's growth and I think  it  covers  everything be it  patience  and management etc. 

3. Do you have a message for parents to allow their kids to do things besides academics?

 Yeah, surely  I 'll do it because if we just  engaged in  academics we'll gonna to have a dull personality and growth will also become  deterrent  and  even  academics would also not  be very  much  effective and fruitful. 

4. What are the career goals and how is what you are doing going to help you with that?

 My goal  is Upsc. I believe that upsc not only requires your knowledge but also some tools and skills to fit and apply  that knowledge into its place  in an efficient manner  and right from the beginning when the journey of my college started off  till now, I have already imbibed a lot.  

5. How do your parents look at you participating in extracurricular activities?

My parents always backed me whenever I needed  , they are my guiding lights  ,motivators and everything to my journey .

6.How  can we encourage more young students such as yourself to take up leadership roles?

I' ll say one thing that leadership  is not something which we are  born with ,it is something which comes by  cultivating and sometimes even suddenly but when it becomes an essential organ of you then it improves both the meaning and way of life and ended up enhancing the quality of life .

7.What's your message to encourage students to do internships and attend conferences?

My message to them  is that  they  should attend  this  because  it  gives  you  the  ground  knowledge ,real  information and the worldly wisdom  which is again very imperative.

 - Aishwarya Pandey

Interview By - Anshika Sharma

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