Student Leader Interview - Chanelle Young

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1. Tell us more about your journey ?

One word comes to my mind when I think about my Journey; Unpredictable. From being the most confused person on Earth after school to JMC, l never thought or imagined to end up this way. But I can say one thing, JMC was the best thing that happened to me. Teachers were super supportive and I fell in love with everything I saw around. I wanted to be a part of every society possible and explore new opportunities. My best phase was when I was elected as the Vice President and then the President for the Commerce Department. 

I made so many connections and organised so many events. It was all such a good experience working as a Team Member and then handling 450 students and being responsible for their day to day activities. Three years went by and I got placed. Got associated with Google; my dream company through FIS Global. I learnt so many new things and I’m proud of myself for being selected as a Subject Matter Expert in 7 months! I was even handling a team. Now I have been working as an Education Advisor at Robert Kennedy College, Switzerland. So, it’s been pretty good so far! 

2. What has been your biggest challenge and how have you overcome that?

I’m pretty emotional. It’s kind of a personal trait that I feel is a challenge because you do need to stand up at times and if you’re way to emotional, people say that you’re weak. Nobody wants that. 

I’m still working on this but I guess it’s okay at times. You need that emotional connect with people in your day to day activities, whether it’s work or college. 

3. Tell us more about your role and responsibilities in college ?

I was elected as the Vice President and then the President for the Commerce Association, Jesus and Mary College. I was directly handling a core team of 103 students who were responsible for organising major events that took place during the year. This included Comquest, Com’Acumen and UGC sponsored Comventions. Com’Acumen being the Commerce Fest, has 6 fun events concluded by a major start perfoming at Campus. We together as a team worked from scratch, raised sponsors upto 2.5L and we managed to get Rahul Subramanian that year too! 
Apart from the Commerce Department, I was also an active member of Mercatus and ECell. I was responsible to create infographics for both of them and was managing their social media designs. 

During my last year, I along with my friend Khushboo were able to get TEDx to JMC! We were not able to organise an event due to some reasons but were able to carry forward that idea to our juniors.Finally, I was also a part of the Montage Core Team and in my final year was a Marketing Head. I was responsible for all the Offline and Online Branding and outreach for the event. I loved being a part of the team and I learnt such a lot!

4.How can we encourage more young students such as yourself to take up leadership role?

I never thought I would do this. After all I wanted to be a chill student. Attend lectures, have fun, explore new places! O did all that in my first year! But I feel that after working for the Commerce Department during my first year, I realised that I did want to be on the other end. Not just being a part of it, I wanted to be in it through and through. 

It’s scary. Yes. But it helps you build so much. It gives you confidence. It gives you experience. And yes, you build a lot of connections too! 
Always have the faith in you. If you feel that you can do it, you can! Be good at what you do,  you will get what you want! 

5. What's your message to encourage students to do internships and attend conferences?

Even after I was engrossed like crazy with all the extra- curricular activities, I managed to do 6 internships in 3 years. Most were start ups, but because of one of the conference that I arranged in College, I was also able to do an Internship with Bombay Stock Exchange and YMCA.The internship at BSE gave me an idea as to how things are in the corporate world and gave me a lot of confidence as well. 
Attend as many conferences as you can, not just for the certificates, but you will learn so much more!

- Chanelle Young

Interviewed by- Gurleen Kaur

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