Student Leader Interview - Manav Sharma from Deen Dayal Upadhaya College

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1. Tell us about more about your role and responsibility at your college?

My main responsibility with the society is to keep a track of all the transactions. These transactions are concerned with the sponsorships we get and the payments we make to market our society’s events. My responsibilities concerned with the fact that I am the treasurer of the society is to provide a detailed record of transactions.Although my role isn’t limited to this. In our society, we organize Knowledge sharing sessions in which we help our juniors and fellow members to enhance and widen them knowledge.

2. How can we encourage more young students such as yourself to take up leadership role? 

For me, it is the zest for being successful and creating a legacy that drives me towards it. Students are too afraid to convey their feelings. They never get past the barrier of WHAT IF? They need to realize these are the baby steps towards a happy and successful life. To encourage students to take up the leadership role, their mentors should make them realize the importance of these tasks. Also, the work done by the students should be respected. It will drive young minds towards becoming a great leader.

3. What have been your biggest challenges and learning from what you do? 

My biggest challenge has to keep the society up and running along with my colleagues. This pandemic situation has made it difficult for the societies in. colleges function properly. I along with other council members every week get in a discussion to find out new ways to work effectively. All these constant efforts have made me understand how every goal can be achieved with your determination. We will continue to further devise goals and implement them to achieve objectives.

4. What are your career goals and how is what you are doing is going to help you with that? 

My goal is to further enhance my trading skills, become a full-time trader and ultimately open a Portfolio management firm. I am very inquisitive about numbers and learning on how to trade using stats fascinates me. Fin-S has always helped me to learn new things and explore wide range of opportunities. It has made me learn how to react under certain situations which is quite essential for a trader to learn to adapt in a dynamic market.

5. What's your message to encourage students to do internships and attend conferences? 

My only message to my fellow friends is to utilize the time you have and make the most out of it. Follow your passion, learn new things, explore new horizons and many more.The best is yet to come and you have to capable to grasping the opportunity and benefit from it. Internships are one of the best ways to experience the outside world and learn the ongoing trends. Also, attend seminars and conferences conducted by dignitaries to grasp knowledge and learn from their experience.

- Manav Sharma

Interviewed by- Gurleen Kaur

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