Student Leader Interview - Satyam Goswami

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1. Tell us more about your role & responsibilities at your college.

Hello, I am Satyam Goswami, I am a YouTuber and I have a channel on Gaming. Being a YouTuber requires a lot of hard work and dedication. I have to work on many things some of them are, game selection, recording, editing, voice-over, etc. All these things require a different set of skills. Being an individual creator I have to work on these things all alone but keeps me going is the fun and excitement for every comment and appreciation I got for my work.

2. How did you rise up to your position and how can a student aspiring the same, approach it?

From childhood, I was passionate about games and computers. And making it my hobby and then a source of being Independent is awesome. I love to play games and people love it watching on YouTube. If someone wants to start their own YouTube channel or a blog do it on a topic or the thing you really care about. By this, you will always be excited about it and do it without taking it as a burden or treating it as just a source of income.

3. What have been some of your biggest challenges and learnings from what you do?

Making a YouTube channel is easy but making a video that everyone will like is not so much. It requires both financial and mental strength. You have to work on everything on your own and everything should be perfect and likable. But the experience and learning you got from the trouble are much valuable. Sometimes you may not get expected results but you keep on working because you know the next one will be great.

4. What did you do in your current role that makes you feel really proud of yourself?

Playing games and entertaining others is the best part of my job. When people appreciate me for my work it feels really good and motivates me to work even harder. Every like and comment is feels like a badge of honor that I get for my work. I am proud of what I do. YouTube brings a lot of opportunities to show talent and when you do your best you will get rewards as well. And when you call yourself a YouTuber especially a gaming YouTuber it brings a smile every time on the face.

5. What's your message to encourage students to do internships and attend conferences?

I would like to say that do what you like and find your passion, once you have it keep working on it until you achieve something out it. Working for others and taking internships will really help you to sharpen your skills and gain insightful knowledge. Other than internships you can also join courses related to your passion they will help you a lot. Just keep working and never lose hope. Things take time to happen.

Interviewed by - Sneha Siddhi

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