Student Leader Interview - Srishti Tyagi from H.R. College of Commerce & Economics

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1. Tell us about your background and journey.

I am Srishti Tyagi a student of second year BAF(Bachelors of Accountancy & Finance) at H.R. College of Commerce & Economics (Mumbai) also pursing the course of Chartered Accountancy (Intermediate Level). Have Work experience in the field of Marketing & Public relations as well as a business development advisor & content strategist at a media company & in college. I am really passionate about food, meeting new people & stepping out of my comfort zone .

2. What led you to take up this career path?

The field of Finance has always interested me .Especially the corporate sector since my  father Capt. B.K. Tyagi is a part of it .
He inspires and motivates me to achieve the same amount success that he did! 
Since my 8th grade I was really focused that I want to pursue something in Commerce but wasn’t really sure till I came up to my 11th grade. It was a big question as to which field should I take Finance or Marketing because both have interested me. Marketing was something that intrigued me immensely and felt like an innate part of me. The tricks came to me naturally . I really wanted to learn more about Finance & stock markets, how do these big companies actually work? How do they manage that huge an amount of money?  How do these big businesses run? 
These questions always intrigued me.

3.How is your support system from Family & friends, mentors etc.

Firstly my family plays the biggest role in what I am today and to what I will become. My father who is my ultimate inspiration, he strives to provide  every thing for me which once upon a time he didn’t have. 
Till date he will sit to study with me, make time from his busy schedule and inspires me to become a better person. My mother Ruchi Tyagi is my ultimate support system who has taught me to dream big and work hard tirelessly in order to achieve success. The ultimate savage mom filing my life with joy, she teaches me how to fight back and always give your best to whatever you do. My younger sister Shruti is really a blessing to me, we do things together inspite of choosing different career fields. We stand together in all times and are the best companions for one another. The true mentors in my life are my teachers Mr. Pratik Gandhi & Mr. Dhaval Gandhi. They were the ones who introduced me to this field helped me to discover myself, their constant support & motivation keeps me going! 
I was really lucky enough to get such beautiful friends who constantly support me, help me grow and are always there for me. My true inspiration for CA also comes from my friend who is a successful CA & CFA, he has been an active part of my journey.

4.What does your typical day looks like?

So my my typical day starts with waking up early. Yes!! I am a person who is early to bed and early to rise, kickstarting my day either with a brisk walk or my lovely & calming yoga session that prepares me for the rest of my day. Moving towards getting ready for college leaving house somewhere around 9:30am. In college till around 12:30pm attending some lectures, meeting friends n getting some work done at college for events. 

Further travelling to my CA tuitions and get back home somewhere around 7:30-8pm and the rest time for family off- course. This was my typical CA- Inter day, but it will change as to once I clear this level instead of class I will go to office for my articleship. I’m a person who used to wrap my day around 10:30-11pm cause sleep is a very essential component of my life. I always try and maintain a static balance between my CA, college and after all for my family.

5.What are some delicacies you learnt in the lockdown?

So I have immense passion for food, specially deserts. In this lockdown period except my CA classes I really wanted to learn cooking & baking and this was the best opportunity at my doorstep. One of my friends loves baking too, hence we just shared recipes and got onto this together. I have tried making and mastered the art of tea cakes, cookies, brownies, various kinds of mousses, breads etc. Except that I also tried various kinds of other cuisine like intercontinental, Chinese, Italian & off course as I belong to a typical North Indian family so learning that was must & really interesting.

6. Is there a dish you particularly associate yourself with?

Yes!! So Rajma Chaval a typical North Indian dish, is really close to my heart back in Delhi the fabulous style that my grand mother (Nani) uses is really amazing. I love the food that she cooks, it has just deepened the relationship between my Nani, my mom and me.
Not only one but various other dishes like suji ka halva, chole bhature, aaloo paratha with desi ghee etc. But I am equally inclined to Asian and Thai cuisine too.

7. Can cooking be learnt at culinary schools or a natural talent is required?

Not really one needs to go to a culinary school for cooking, take one of the finest chefs of the world into consideration it’s all on the inner & natural talent. But if one is really determined they should pursue it as their career and join a culinary school. 
Cooking to me has always been a hobby which I wanted to learn and discover more new things in it.

8. How do you manage education and your assistance to others (venture/college)?

So ,in this ,my phone plays a big role of letting me stay connected with everyone as I am unable to give my physical presence everywhere. Plus the people around me my family, friends & teachers are so supportive they understand my situation and help me make time for my CA. 

9. What are your roles and responsibilities at college, and what does academics mean to you?

Currently I am HOD of Sponsorship & Finance at TEDxHRCollege 2020 handling the full financial part of the event and heading the team.
Also I am HOD Guest Relations at Growth, Development & Change Cell of H.R. College of Commerce & Economics where I play a major role in Marketing, PR & social media consultant.

College has always been fun and a great experience for me. I thank my Principal and all my teachers who gave me these opportunities.

Academics to me is something not only marks or grades oriented, it’s something which I find really interesting & relatable to learn. I always try to connect my academics with my surroundings & my atmosphere.

- Srishti Tyagi

Interviewed by- Priyanshi Arora

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