The Changes Which Could Be Adopted in Our Educational System - Pradeep Chakraborty

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1. Tell us more about your experience as an educator.

Thanks for this opportunity. It has been a wonderful experience so far. I have tried educating the youth right through, via my writings on semiconductors, electronics, solar/PV, etc. Some have gone on to be successful, and I wish them all very well for the future.

2. What is your opinion of the Indian education system and how would you like to change that?

The Indian education system needs some changes. Perhaps, the new education policy 2020, has tried to bring in some of those changes. As an example, I do not see any difference in a student getting 92 percent and another getting 54 percent! Why? It is all about how you are applying the information that you have received!! If the information received and applied is properly used, don't you think that there would be more geniuses from India? There should be education programs that also teach us how to be efficient in what we do.

Also, there should be more encouragement for girls, especially, in rural areas, to study. Why aren't they being taught? We are missing out a lot, by not doing enough for the rural women, at least. There should be senior appointments as well, for the women teachers.

3. What changes in the teaching methodologies have you seen in recent times?

There have been some changes, especially, with regard to video-based teaching. However, these are far and few, and more needs to be done. The same goes for the teachers. Not everyone will be having information regarding new technologies and developments. Perhaps, it would be prudent to provide them with such study materials.

4. How does education help one do well in their career?

Definitely, education plays a very large role in shaping our lives. For one, it can help us to get better jobs, in India, and also, overseas. We need to apply ourselves wholeheartedly in what we do.

5. Do you think teaching as a profession is viewed at par with corporate jobs?

I cannot comment on whether teaching is even viewed on par with corporate jobs. However, one would be very wise to remember who actually shaped them in their childhood, and later, adulthood. One should not forget who guided them to their current position. There are some, who like to give back to their alma maters. Again, those are few and far, so far.

6. How can we adopt technology to make teaching more effective?

There are many global and regional issues related to education. The focus should be on early childhood education, and then, primary and secondary education. We should adopt many new technologies that are available. An example can be gaming or inclusive education. There can be a good use of digital media to promote the intellectual and social development of children in elementary and primary education. There should be multilingualism, as well.

Maybe, didactic games could be introduced. A didactic game is where set rules are observed, to achieve a defined score. You need persistence, critical thinking, or readiness to run the risk, facilitate the development of entrepreneurial attitudes, etc. Some examples could be location-based games and strategic games.

There could be a better use of animation, and 3D applications if those are available. Schools, of all types, and regions, would also need digital libraries. Perhaps, even a collaborative virtual learning environment as well.

We also need to apprise the students with several local, global, and regional issues that are ongoing, and available. Here, again, I would like to encourage the women to get into the education stream, as students, and as teachers.

7. Why does India need more educators like you?

There are and will be, much bigger and better educators than me.

Interview By - Sandeep Virothu 

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