"The Only Thing to Climb up the Ladder Is, Learn, Be Updated, Be Tech Savvy and Explore!" - CA Naman Gangwal, CPA

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1. Tell us more about yourself and your life.

I was always an over-excited & curious kid, wanting to know everything around me, and with the answer to the question WHY! I used to fall a lot, hurt myself a lot while doing all kinds of notorious acts with my friends, the desi-ghee did make me strong though, & oh! i am a foodie! Being from Ajmer and a Maru, I have a very rich culture and tradition to follow which makes me spiritual and rooted; and for my professional career.

I shifted to Mumbai, Mumbai being a home to big dreams, at the age of 18 or so, I stayed in a hostel and later on with my friends, which helped me learn things from scratch, developed and polished my communication skills, multi managing things and be connected to large group of people as i was a free bird in Mumbai and had loads of time to explore the city and people both!

2. What led you into the field of Finance, Chartered Accountancy and then Entrepreneurship?


I can say that business is in my blood being a Maru. So ya, entrepreneurship was always in my mind. Hence, I did take my internships and professional degree very seriously to learn as well as earn this respected degree of CA and CPA. 

Accountancy was something which I loved as a subject in high school and the most prominent career in the field of commerce was CA. After being a CA, to explore myself in the overseas market, CPA was one degree I thought would be helpful for me to expand my business and professional domain.

3. What is that one cause you care deeply about and why?


Nurturing - in anyone, anything or any business. Nurturing basically helps a person or a business to grow to the next level. It is a continuous process of adding values in a business structure, organization or a person so that it helps  him drive the growth.

4. If one wants to contribute and make a difference in the Finance and Entrepreneurship space, how can they do it?


Be thorough in the subject, be a visionary who can expect the upcoming economic policies affecting businesses - and accordingly can then contribute towards Finance and Entrepreneurship space by grabbing the opportunity when it comes, as he was already ready for it. 

Early bird catches the warmth, and homework always helps you to be at the forefront - being a pioneer in the industry while adapting to the changes can help you contribute and make a difference with your expertise in the subject and proficient consultation to hit the correct eye. 

5. Who is your role model and why?


Dad. The basic characteristics, discipline, love and energy that I learn from him  every single day, helps me to be a better person - and this better person is an efficient person to help being productive in whatever I do, from being a good advisor or trying to be a better husband and a learning father!

Ratan Tata Sir. Who doesn't respect him? or look up to him? His work, dedication and planning has been an inspiration for me to be a grounded business person and a quality service provider, and being a businessman to take benefits from opportunities for  a larger benefit.

6. What are some of the challenges and roadblocks you have faced along your journey?

After having an initial work experience and completing the internships with the best talent and Industry leaders and then starting your own startup; I soon realized that there is an acute lack of skilled resources in India. Getting talented and skilled resources today in India is a big challenge. 

Many of the talented professionals we see today are either working as an employment with a Fortune 500 company or a big Bank.  I feel that Indian entrepreneurial market (especially in the finance domain) is still looking for talented professionals who have the zeal to deliver results and make an impact.         

7. Your opinion about the current situation with respect to your industry ?

It's booming. It's changing. And rapidly. Everyday there is a new opportunity. You wake up to a news that's an innovation. The technology boom has paced up so fast, making this world so connected that you can do business across borders with so much ease. 

The only thing to climb up the ladder is, learn, be updated, be tech savvy and explore! Our industry is the backbone for any business, and hence, ample of opportunity for startups like us, who can be a one-stop solution by being a trusted partner in the finance, tax and compliance requirements to any company. 

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