The Revamped Guide for Content Marketing in 2020

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Do you feel that your content is not receiving the proper attention it deserves? Even if your content is top-notch but if your content marketing strategies are not up to date, then you might not get the response that you expected. So, there is an urgent need to step-up your content marketing game to stay on top. 

Basic Understanding of Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a marketing strategy that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services. Putting in simpler terms, it is basically creating content on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. so that the people following you on those platforms may know about your products or services.
Since social media is arising like the new giant in the field of marketing, harness it’s power to the maximum extent. It will surely assist you in boosting your sales, followers, reputation or in adding new clients for your services. 

Need for a Fresh Guide for 2020

Publish short, 500 words blog posts. Update your blog constantly with fresh content and try to post at least once a week. This advice would have worked in 2018/19. But today, it won’t be much useful. There are many others who do the same things that you do. So, in the current times, it’s the quality and not the quantity that matters. 

Since the trends always keep on changing, the content marketing strategies need to alter accordingly so that your content and business stand the test of time. 
So, here is an updated guide to content marketing extensively for 2020. 

Find a Proven Topic

The first thing that you need is a topic with a proven track record and that you can write your content about. You can visit any competitor’s website, youtube channel, or Instagram account. Observe what kind of posts are doing really well. You can also listen to podcasts in your industry for content ideas. However, be cautious that the content you produce should be novel and not a mere copied form of your competitor’s work. 

Another great way to create free and valuable content in your field is to answer the questions that people are looking for and pointing out the common mistakes that they are making. For instance, you are a business coach and you have a coaching program for budding entrepreneurs that you charge for. So, for your YouTube channel, you can create videos about the things that you feel most of the entrepreneurs are doing wrong. Or another video idea can be about some tips and hacks for social media handles. 

You can then convert this content into Instagram posts and detailed blog posts. 
Your posts and videos will definitely do the trick. And the ones who feel benefited from these might also enroll in your coaching program and you can end up earning more than what you did earlier. 

1. Find a Keyword for SEO

Find a keyword for the topic that your target customers mostly search for. There is an old school method that still works great. 
For example, you are a food blogger and you’re planning to launch your cookbook on vegan cooking. So, you need to make sure that your cookbook covers all the important things and aspects that your potential customers are looking for. This will compel them to buy your cookbook since you have the content that they were looking for. 

In order to do this, go to google and type ‘vegan diet’. Don’t hit the search button. You’ll see that Google suggests shows all the frequently searched keywords that have the ‘vegan diet’ in them. You can then use it as a keyword for your blog post about your upcoming cookbook. Uber eats is a great platform to use for keyword search.

2. Pick an Appropriate Content Format 

When someone thinks of content, a blog post is what usually pops up in their mind. But blog posts are one of the many content formats. In fact, according to WordPress, about 2.49 million blog posts are written on WordPress only, on an everyday basis. Think about the numbers from other blogging platforms. 

There are a lot many content formats prevailing today. YouTube videos, LinkedIn posts, Instagram posts, ebooks, podcasts, etc. are some of the many examples. So, the key is to choose a format that works for you. If you’re good at writing, focus on blog posts. If you feel confident in front of a camera, create videos. If you’re good at designing, create a visual piece of content. 

3. Publish an Epic Piece of Content

Let’s face it; making your content stand out is more difficult than ever. But it’s not impossible. You can make your content stand out by making it actionable. 

For example, some of the videos or articles can give a gist about content marketing. But they might not show you a comprehensive step-by-step approach to doing so. Making the process look like it is easy to execute is what makes it actionable. Also, include a decent amount of examples so that your content is easy to understand and easy to connect to. 

Focus on the User Experience of Your Content
Just like software, content also has user experience or UX. What this means that when you make it easy for people to consume your content, it has a better chance of driving traffic to your website and that can generate more sales or bring in more clients. 

In the case of blog posts, they should have a big font and some white spaces so that it’s easy to use. In the case of podcasts, audio quality should be good. Similarly, focus on UX of your content irrespective of the format. 

4. Level up Your Promotion Game

Promotion does not only involve sharing it on social media platforms, although this might also help. Nothing beats emails in the case of promotions. So, don’t hesitate on sending email newsletters and notifications whenever you post something on your website. Retargetting Facebook posts is also a very cost-efficient method of promotions. Make connections on LinkedIn and if money is not an issue, you can even partner with someone who has an experience in the marketing field.

When it comes to content marketing, these steps have been proven to be very functional and worthwhile. Also, don’t forget to scale up your content, not necessarily in terms of quantity but in terms of quality. 
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Written By - Neha Kundu
Edited By - Kashish Chadha

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