The Solution to All Problems Is Education in True Letter and Spirits - Professor Dr. Shiv Kumar Chakarvarti

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1. Tell us more about your experience as an educator.

I have been in the academics and research in the field of physical sciences, engineering, nanotechnology, radiation,  hygiene and Instrumentation for over last 50 years and superannuated as Professor, Dean Academic from National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra.

2. What is your opinion of the Indian education system and how would you like to change that?

I think in the wake of new education policy that has been announced recently and to be implemented in 2021, my views on the current status  of the education system might be of little importance.The very fact that new education policy is going to be on the anvil, it speaks of the dismal condition and its state of affairs.

3. What changes in the teaching methodologies have you seen in the recent times?

At our times, there was absolutely CHALK AND DUSTER  technology and with the advent of exuberant ICT, entire ways of communication and interfacing with the students have been revolutionized. Particularly during COVID- 19 pandemic, the virtual class rooms and education through digital bites has had a huge impact that could have never been thought of.

4. How does education help one do well in their career?

Although there seems to be perhaps no stronger relationship between education and career (seen many illiterate entrepreneurs running a huge business as career) but still for holistic development and execution of rendering services to the society the education is a powerful tool that helps navigate through difficult and indifferent pathways using skills that are imparted by education alone. After all earning money is not at all a career.

5. Do you think teaching as a profession is viewed at par with corporate jobs?

Why, even better than that. Who creates the CEOs of corporate houses? Obviously the education. Therefore I rate teaching as a better profession that provides satisfaction and a sense of  working with dedication to the society and nation both.

6. How can we adopt technology to make teaching more effective?

The only tool is ICT, innovations and research. We can enrich the teaching standards with all exuberant status using ICT, and inducing research, innovation and interest among students and provide the best of the education.

7. Why does India need more educators like you?

Who would like to see India dragging behind all round development, hard pressed for good citizens, technical man power, technology deficient country, and suffer from the stings of illiteracy and wear a dead face? The solution to all problems is education in true letter and spirits.

Interview By - Sanjana Jain

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