Which Is Better - Working Independently or In a Team?

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“What approach would be fruitful, Teamwork, or Working Independently?”

A question that always strikes when you decide to work on an important project/presentation. Isn’t it?

Eventually, people prefer different approaches to organize and accomplish a task. Some people prefer to accomplish the task themselves while others enjoy collaborating. Despite that, it sometimes depends on the task. 


Why you should work in a team? The following reasons are -

1. Stimulates Creativity and Learning

Creativity evolves when a team works as a system. Brainstorming and discussing ideas leads to effective solutions. Exchanging ideas don’t only create a creative and reliable solution but also waters the learning process. 

2. Discover Strengths, Corner Weakness

Teamwork provides an opportunity to call out our strengths. A programming team may not only need programmers but a designer too. A team always performs well as teammates rely on each other to bring individual talents to the table. A team with each member with distinct strength emerges as a stronger team. Remember, a team is not a blend of 4 heroes with the same superpowers but 4 heroes with distinct superpowers. Right? 

3. Teamwork Encourages Taking Healthy Risks

A team with better teamwork and proper guidance strives to take risks. A team always backs up an idea of risk-taking which leads to growth and learning. Moreover, with people working as a team, it becomes pretty easy to take risks. Conversely, success can be celebrated by implementing revolutionary ideas without hesitation. 

Working Independently 

1. Increased Efficiency

Working individually increases work efficiency. When there is nobody to slow you down or question your ways to work on, an effective result can be observed. With fewer interruptions, it is easier to focus, to be faster and efficient, to be mindful, and to be accurate. 

2. Zero Conflicts

An acute challenge while working as a team – CONFLICTS. Working as a team becomes difficult when there are many players to please. Everyone wants to boss the idea. Conflicts evolve when team members work to be a step ahead of each other while forgetting the idea behind teamwork. With a frequent exchange of ideas takes place, there’s more likely going to be a conflict of opinion.

Working alone degrades the conflict level to zero. You are your boss. You make your own decisions. You create your environment of work. This raises the bar of efficient, smooth, and fast working, higher.

3. You Own Full Credits

A familiar reason behind the choice of working alone. Moreover, if you are a competitive type of person, working independently suits you well. Here, not only things go as per your requirement and your way but also the credit goes to you only. Working alone shines your productivity and ability. This increases motivation and efficiency in the task/work.


Teamwork or Working Alone, both hold some advantages and disadvantages over each other. A decision of working as a lone wolf or working as a pack depends largely on the type of work/task. This also depends upon any particular mindset, as for some it is efficient and productive to work alone while others think, creativity and teamwork is the key to success.

An African proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

So what did you choose?

Written by - Shubh

Edited by - Chhavi Gupta

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