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Divorce is defined as the termination of marriage in a legal way, and is accomplished in the courts by presenting the case to the judiciary and not merely a public separation between the spouses; This is due to several reasons that are specific to them, and divorce may be decided by both parties or one of them, and despite the divorce wants to give evidence in court to obtain what he wants, then the court will decide to issue the final ruling.

The most important reasons for divorce

  • Different priorities: The spouses must discuss the priorities and concerns of their lives during the engagement period, to reach a common point between them, and some husbands may find themselves in a path that differs through their life partners, which leads to increased differences, and the feeling of each other's estranged from the other, and thus the occurrence of divorce.
  • Parent intervention: Many parents, whether from the husband’s family or the wife’s family, interfere in the details of the couple’s life, which leads to penetration of this special relationship, and to interfering in the small and large details between them.
  • The parties fail in their duties: Everyone in the family has duties and responsibilities that lie with him, and he is obligated to assume it, especially husbands, where the wife must take care of the husband, the home, and the children, and in return, the husband must bear the financial burdens, and default may occur from one or both parties, and each of them is to blame On the other, he is charged without taking into account his capabilities and circumstances.
  • Violence: Aggression leads to the removal of love and respect from the marital relationship, which brings it closer to the relationship of an unjust master in progress, so he repeatedly violates it without mentioning reasons, whether it is verbal violence such as insult, ridicule, harsh criticism, or physically as beating, which leads her to think about salvation through Resorting to the idea of divorce.
  • Marital Infidelity: The betrayal of one of the spouses of the other is considered a strong blow that destroys the stability of the family, because it represents a deep wound in the marital relationship that is based on trust, sincerity, and honesty, and it is also a mistake that the other party cannot forgive for his life partner, even if the divorce did not happen after that. Their lives will become a nightmare by avoiding each other.
  • The routine: Adherence to a traditional lifestyle that causes boredom and routine, which is one of the most important enemies of the marital relationship, it is important to introduce innovations, and to carry out new work from period to time so that the couple does not fall into cases of boredom that may sometimes lead to divorce.
  • The absence of communication between couples: Some couples suffer from their inability to understand the other side, adapting to life with it, and the inability to open the door to dialogue that enhances trust between them, and thus this leads to the two parties suffering from unity, and this situation may end in divorce often.

Effects of divorce

The family is considered the nucleus of all societies, in which it rises or relapses, due to the importance of the family and its impact on its members who are considered part of society, and therefore the separation of the mother and father affects the family greatly, which is reflected on society as a whole, and these effects include -

  • Impact on children: termination of marriage is usually very difficult for children, and they may take a long time to accept the new situations, and this may lead some children, who are many, to blame themselves for the divorce of their parents, which reflects negatively on their mental health and their performance in life in general, so the children of separated parents They show weaker performance than their peers at school, as their academic performance is not good compared to those who have a happy family because of the dispersion of thought and frustration that they experience, especially in the early periods.
  • Impact on the employee: When the employee is separated from his life partner, this may expose him to frustration and anxiety in addition to some health problems, which means poor performance in the work compared to other colleagues, and the presence of employees to their workplaces without working costs more companies than their absence from work, because the employee is Distracted by thinking about the issues of the abandoned home or children present in the house and other matters and responsibilities that occupy it, and the frustration left by divorce may continue with the employee for years and does not end within a short period, which means more poor performance, which may return to influence the employee himself Accountability or segregation, in addition to influencing the performance of the place in which it operates in terms of productivity.
  • Psychological illness rates: The separation of the mother and the father contributes to high rates of depression, anxiety, frustration and all mental illness in general, and this effect is not limited to children only, but it extends to parents who may be exposed to severe and serious mental illnesses if divorce affects them largely and unbearably, and this is due to a change in lifestyle and change Family building, which is not good for the person but the opposite.


Divorce, despite its difficulty, is imperative sometimes when the continuation of married life is difficult, and the couple tries to save the relationship without success.

- Written by Ahmed Mohamed (EMN Community Member From Egypt)

- Edited by Mridul Goyal (EMN Community Member From New Delhi, India)

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