Why Was Bhagat Singh's Hanging Date Changed to Feb 14?

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I bet you would remember Valentine’s Day as soon as I say Feb 14. Didn’t you?  If you were active on social media during 2011, you might have seen messages declaring this day as ‘Black day’. People who were against western culture in India created an unfounded rumour that Bhagat Singh, Sukh Dev, and Raj guru were hanged on the same day in 1931. This news was far from the truth as the three were executed on March 23, 1931, which was a matter of record.

There was a news report published in The Hindu on February 16, 2011, titled ‘Bhagat Singh’s page vandalised’ as there were many changes in the page and a Wikipedia administrator called it vandalism. Many changes were done on the page on Feb 13 & 14. Similarly, misinformation has been spread on twitter like fire. This happened due to extreme patriotism which is known as Jingoism.

However, a simple Google search is enough to find the truth. Few people wanted this day to be Martyrs Day instead of Valentine’s Day and started spreading this false news. Let us get to know the truth which is not the same as the myth created by people. After all, the truth has the power to break the false myth.


The Indian freedom struggle comprises innumerable stories. We have many lessons to learn. The young selfless leaders stood for economic, social, and political independence. One of them was Bhagat Singh who lost his life at a very young age. He is one of the heroes of the Indian Independence movement.

Want to Know More About Bhagat Singh?

Singh was born on 28th September 1907 in Punjab. His uncle, Sardar Ajit Singh, and his father Sardar Kishan Singh Sandu were great freedom fighters. Singh grew up in a patriotic atmosphere. He was never afraid of guns and wanted to collapse the British Empire. Kartar Singh, who was hanged at the age of 19, became his inspiration to contribute more to his country.

In search of revolutionary groups and ideas, he met Sukhdev and Rajguru. Bhagat Singh, along with the help of Chandrashekhar Azad, formed the Hindustan Socialist Republican Army (HSRA). The aim of this Bharatiya revolutionary movement was now defined as not only to make Bharat independent but also to create a socialist Bharat.

On December 17, 1928, the revolutionaries Bhagat Singh and Raj guru shot and killed assistant superintendent of Police John Saunders. They were supported in this act by their compatriots Sukhdev and Chandra Shekar Azad. However, their original target was not Saunders but superintendent of police James Scott who has ordered his men to lathi-charge protesters leading to the death of the nationalist leader Lala Lajpat Rai.

After killing Sauders, the group managed to escape somehow. Durga Bhai helped them to escape to Kanpur by concealing their identities. He established a bomb factory. The bombs didn’t harm anyone but created a big sound to awaken all the nationalists. There were many disputes regarding Trades Bills. He threw bombs in the Central Assembly Hall while the assembly was in session to wake up the suppressed nation from a long sleep.

Later, Singh was arrested and sent to Central Jail Mainwali. Bhagat Singh was awarded the death sentence for killing Sauders on October 7, 1930. It was decided on March 24, but, due to the protest by people, he was hanged 11 hours earlier i.e. on March 23, at Shadman Chowk in Lahore, aged just 23. Their bodies were cremated on the banks of the Sutlej in Firozpur. He is the one who gave the slogan ‘Inquilab Zindabad’ which means ‘Long live revolution’.He was born to revolt, not to revolve.

You can also reach the website ‘ShahidBhagatSingh.org’ that has archived Bhagat Singh’s letters, images, and statements. Even the death certificate produced by the superintendent mentions that Singh was hanged on March 23, 1931.

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We should hereby see that rumours should not be spread on such sensitive issues. This shows that we are not giving sufficient acknowledgement for sacrifices made by our freedom fighters. Mockery of freedom struggles show where we lack compassion and humanity as a country. We are no one to change the dates of history. We hope this article helps you know accurate and precise information and not to fall for some inauthentic resources spreading rumours.

Written By - Sravanthi Cheerladinne

Edited By - Kashish Chadha



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